running mate unveiling
Mombasa Governor, Hassan Joho

Miraj Abdillah, who lost the recent Jubilee Party Mombasa Woman Representative primaries, told Sultan Joho that he is the male version of ‘ beauty and no brains.’

The fiery Jubilee party supporter claimed that Joho is only handsome but has nothing in his head.

In social media post, Miraj claimed Joho had nothing to offer but his looks.

In the post, Miraj compared the Sultan to CS Tourism, Najib Balala, who she said was not only good looking but has the brains.

Miraj Abdillah.

Miraj claimed Balala just like the Jubilee Party was a man of development and not forged education papers like the Mombasa governor who scored a D- (minus).

”Hehehehe I saw I post Eti sijui the most Handsome leader ni Sultan Mwitu. In Jubilee we talk of looks and Brains and not forged documents, the handsome Man Talk of performance excellent per Excellency. Najib Balala we are proud of you as The Coastal people,” Miraj posted.

Joho who will be going up against the equally capable, Hassan Omar, has been criticized by many for allegedly disrespecting the President.

The governor, with or lack thereof of brains, was cleared by the IEBC to seek re-election.