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Why Did Moi High School Kabarak KILL My Daughter? – Josephat Namatsi

Grieving Mr. Namatsi

A parent has petitioned the parliament in Kenya to help him know why his daughter had to succumb to treatable illness in a Nakuru school despite having medical cover.

According to Josephat Namatsi,  his 15-year-old daughter (Tracy Sylvia) who was a student at the Moi High School Kabarak in Nakuru died on January 14. The death was surprising as Tracy had just left home a week before.

According to Mr Namatsi, the school first refused to let Tracy take a sick-off despite telling them that she was weak to even stay in class, leading to the collapse of the student in class and being taken comatose. The school clinic diagnosed her to be suffering to “a bacterial infection” while the hospital she was rushed to diagnosed her to be suffering from Malaria.