Gospel sensation, Jimmy Gait

In 2015, Gait was attacked online after doing a cover for Adelle’s Hello which had been trending worldwide at the time. He was accused of trying too hard to remain relevant in an industry that had since evolved.

The 2015 troll was the first of many internet trolls to face Jimmy. Made up songs like Binguni Hakuna Nominations, Shetani TIBIM, Mahindi Ni Yesu have all been associated with the gospel artiste.

He addresses the trolls and memes terming them as not funny, during its release.

“Its been a rough time. But I’ve been having fun too …All through. Many people have been making those memes and trolling me thinking it would break me. But it has not only emboldened me but given me ammunition to sing more, compose more and inspire more. And this latest song I’m releasing tonight is a testament of my strength amidst adversity and endless cyber attacks,” he said.

Jimmy Gait addresses trolls with Love

Love is a beautifully crafted masterpiece that hits back at the haters, but with love and kindness.

Here is the hot new jam from Jimmy Gait.