Nkosi Blake, Jamaican born Londoner, presented Uhuru Kenyatta with a realistic pencil portrait on his recent visit to London. His Excellency personally invited Blake, who produces fine art, to the Kenyan State House after being amazed by the realistic likeness of himself.

“As a proud African it has always been a dream to represent my culture in my work.The best way I feel I can give back is through the talent that God has given me, which is art. There are great men and women in Africa, I want to honor them by showing mine and future generations their portraits and their true power and greatness.

“Meeting His Excellency Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta and him accepting my portrait was a great honor for my family and me. Hopefully with his support I can extend the same appreciation to other influential and forward-thinking leaders such as himself,” said Blake.

Blake’s depiction of His Excellency the President forms part of a series of realistic pencil drawings of inspirational public figures including, Rihanna, Usain Bolt.


Pencil on A1 cartridge paper
American Pop Star, Rihanna
Pencil on A1 cartridge paper
Usain Bolt