G.K Prison Kamiti

Maralal GK prison’s, officer in charge, Simon Musyoni found dead.

Simon who was an Assistant Commissioner of Prisons was pronounced dead on arrival at the Maralal Referral hospital on Friday morning.

According to one of the officer’s,Musyoni was to travel to Nairobi today morning for a routine medical checkup. The officer said that his official car was fueled and his driver went to pick him up at around 7 am but found him lying unconscious on the couch.

”His driver rushed him to the Maralal referral hospital which is a few meters away but the doctors confirmed him dead,” the officer said.

Musyoni is said to have had undergone a heart surgery six months ago and was to go for his regular check up this morning.

He was 59-year-old and has been in charge of Maralal prison since 2011.

His body is awaiting postmortem.