By Maseno School Student

This is an open letter to you Kahawatungu

The interdiction of Maseno School principal Paul Otula was very good.
I joined that old school 3 yrs ago by then the fees was about 120K but the facilities and treatment were not even comparable to a district school. Prefects whom we called Makarao were allowed to beat us up at their pleasure.
There was no democracy, and the teachers handpicked big muscular boys usually form 3 &4 to be prefects. The beatings were usually done at 9pm till dawn only for the juniors i.e fm 1&2 s.
The deputy Mr Okeyo, now principal Itierio High in Kisii highly supported this. Mr Otula frequently ordered deputy to order the prefects beat up students to make them discipline. Now Maseno remains the only national school where Githeri and porridge is the staple food for supper.
Most students whom we all knew practiced this were always protected by the admin reason being they came from able background or were academically giants. One example is Mohamed Onyango who was a well known to be gay but was never suspended or expelled because he was always top in his class, he was the index no one last year in the school.