After being pushed off Nairobi and Central province, Mungiki moved to the Coastal areas and actively engaged in the business of mining for sometime. With key leaders fearing for their lives during the crackdown, leadership became disjointed and others emerged.

One who has emerged as the current de facto leader of the group is a Steven Maina who is also vying for the Embakasi East constituency seat on Jubilee ticket. Maina has returned to the city with a gang of extortionists who have recently been unleashed on residents of Embakasi East.

Maina’s foray into the city politics has been questioned considering that he is a brother to Ndura Waruinge and a cousin to former Mungiki Leader Maina Njenga. Pundits are questioning how Jubilee came to approve his candidature while blocking the candidature of the former head of Mungiki. How did Jubilee allow the current head and block the former head?

Mungiki gangs have already gained a major foothold in Embakasi East, taking over major bus stops and dislodging Embasavva touts. This has not gone down well with the touts who formerly held the stages. The touts are planning a major fight back to chase Mungiki from the sub-county.