We have a media focused on politics and socialites. None of the journalists think outside the box and get to investigate or use online tools to get alerts on Kenya related news out there.

So being one of the unique bloggers in the country, I use the tools a lot and one of the alerts I have been getting recently is of Sabrina Wanjiku Simader.

Sabrina is a 18 year old Kenyan living in Austria. She is now representing Kenya in the FIS Alpine Skiing Championship in Switzerland. Sabrina who was born in Uplands, left Kenya at the age of 3 after which she was adopted by her Austrian family.

Sabrina speaking to Aljazeera

In all the championships, Sabrina has always donned the Kenyan colours. Even wile doing an interview with Aljazeera, Sabrian proudly represents Kenya and not her adopted home.

If at we needed patriotism, we are looking in the wrong places. Go Sabrina!!

They can now write about you!!!