Grace Makosewe (Left) with Rapper STL

Grace Makosewe is dead. It’s traumatising to see such a young talent die at a stage where she was supposed to be conquering the world.

Circumstances of her death are not clear but people who were close to her detail the life of a party animal who didn’t know when to stop. According to close friends, Grace Makosewe’s death is a result of lack of discipline in her life.

Grace drunk too much alcohol and smoked Sheesha all through. This might have led to the breathing problems which are said to have caused her death. Friend reveal that some establishments which didn’t have Sheesha in their club menu had to introduce it just to satisfy Grace Makosewe.

Why Kisumu’s Urban Radio Fired Edward Kwach and Promoted Grace Makosewe

With NACADA reports that some of the Sheesha flavours are laced with hard drugs, its not easy to rule out this as one of the causes of her death.

Grace was a former presenter at 98.4 Capital FM before being kicked out after differing with radio queen, Cess Mutungi. Grace was later to join Urban Radio in Kisumu before she was booted from the station as she and Edward Kwach were partying so hard that they couldn’t meet deadlines and deliver results to the company.

Grace later traveled for an unclear mission in Tanzania where he stayed for at least 9 months. She was later to come back to the country and join Homeboyz as the Digital Communications and Events Manager. Despite all these, Grace was never able to fully manage her drinking habits, leading her to continue staying with her parents in her 40s. She is known to have continued residing with her mother in Ngumo estate.

It’s unfortunate to lose Grace Makosewe at this stage but can we just inspire the talents we know to manage their lives well. The death of Grace should inspire us to speak to our friends who are hooked onto drugs or alcohol. We hope that Edward Kwach will return to radio soon and utilise his talents. No male presenter can  match Kerry Francis (Edward Kwach) in creativity.

  • Zuma Kageni

    Robert Alai chatting shit as per…… alikukataa ama vipi? Such bitterness only points to one thing

    • Irallya Aular

      he is only speaking the whole truth ok?

      • Zuma Kageni

        If its the ‘whole truth’, then why is he filing the story under gossip?

        Stupid comment

      • Max R

        because you are the holder of Truth? because you are soooo well informed on the matter? or are you just being simple?

        • myoldchum

          Please reply when you are sober son. Not when you are high on shisha.

  • Sponsor Black

    I know you will be attacked for “being insensitive” and that you should be civil enough and let people mourn in peace but these are the issues we must address. Many young people are needlessly dying simply because Nairobi has turned into a party capital where easy money, booze, drugs and sex conspire to form a dangerous cocktail. I live in an estate community where drinking orgies and the desperate but petty need to be “swagerific” has claimed 2 lives in the last 3 years. And what is tragic is that even people in their 40’s are being sucked into this blackhole. We can quote the Bible and say death is inevitable, bury our heads in the sand as usual, call others “haters” for speaking out but ultimately truth is powerful enough to save lives.

    • Max R

      i actually thought of replying to you…and then realised and was instantly discouraged by the simple yet so saddening fact that somehow you have thought it clever to name yourself …..sponsor…

      • Sponsor Black

        The problem with a small mind is that the word “sponsor” has only one meaning. What a world we live in!

    • myoldchum

      I laud you for speaking the truth. Of course as the luo say truth is like “kuon bel” (brown sima). Very few people like it. So ignore those frogs croaking here..

  • jack thomas

    You are an idiot…

  • Extremely saddened by the news. She was immensely talented and is gone too soon!

  • Max R

    i wish you were worthy of being termed insensitive…you are simply BASIC …CRUDE….IGNORANT….MISINFORMED…. and in need of a real degree from a real school in A REAL DISCIPLINE…. shisha laced with hard drugs? the ones that cost 30 times the amount of a packet of shisha tobacco? really? please give us details of your oh so researched and valid journalism method… actually LOOK at the senselessness of your attempted yet lacking moral superiority…be happy in that level of nothingness called you “talent” and/or “profession” and let the real grown ups do journalism…

  • Realist7

    It’s sad to lose such talent. Saying that no one can match Kwach in creativity is a little dumb to say though.

    • Rosylyn Sekou

      i agree, that point was such a hogwash of hyperbole it feels insulting to Kenyans. yes he is creative and unique but to say he epitomises the zenith of creativity!!! please watch your dosage

  • Grace Oggudah

    Firstly Grace is not 40 yet.
    Secondly her father passed away so ‘staying with her parents’ is an inaccurate statement.
    Thirdly she had her own apartment.
    Fourthly she was living in the UK until 2008 when she made the move to Kenya and established her business. She definitely wasn’t living with her parents then.
    Just the fact that you can’t get something as basic as her age right, I’d highly question your whole write up.
    Have a little respect for yourself firstly, and for the family.
    If this is what you call journalism, then I’m highly disappointed.

    • Joe Okoth Ondiek-Marech

      Sixthly… seems that you guys had been partying togeza and you are afraid of your future.

  • Tath_Ngui

    Rumour mongering and staining the dead Kenya style. What a fool. Did you know Grace? How dare you cast aspersions on a young beautiful girl who dared, who tried, who lived life fully?Is there anything wrong with living with parents at forty? Do you know the circumstances of this? Shame on your scandalous ignorance. A blot on the Kenyan landscape.

  • The Guru

    Robert Alai is loaded with shit…..