A standard four girl was defiled by a 50yr old Mzee at Kiplelji village-Kaminjeiywa B on 13/07/2016. The guy is claimed to have been deceiving young children with mandazis and the villagers had been timing him. He was gotten red handed and the area Assistant Chief was contacted and he came without hesitation to the take the culprit to Bomet police station.

The girl was taken to Longisa hospital for checkup. The results confirmed that the girl had been had been defiled. Her mother was advised to record the statement over the issue, which she did immediately.

However the following day, the family of the culprit sold a piece of land, cows and some tree plantation to influenced the case. And they sadly succeeded. Hence, the following day, when the mother of the girl went to Bomet police station seeking for the next move, the OCS is alleged to have harassed the poor mum. He accused her of ‘trying to tarnish somebody’s name.’

The initial Doctor’s report changed overnight. Julius Magut, doctor from Longisa (doctored) gave a new report stating that NO DEFILEMENT TOOK PLACE. The culprit was released and the poor mum returned home with a heavy heart. She didn’t give up, she was advised to go for further checkup at Nairobi Hospital. She went the same night with the girl and the report confirmed again that the girl was defiled. The poor mum is crying for justice.

The case has been reported to Ronald Kiprotich Tonui but so far no help has been reported. Dr Sawe has been made aware of the case and he has taken no action on Julius Magut who altered the report. Dr Sawe is reportedly no longer picking up calls. “Haki iko wapi?” The family is asking.