Dr-James-Mwangi (1)

Now word is out from the woman known to have successfully forced a boyfriend to provide for her upkeep. These are the reasons which sometimes make you not trust the stories told by the likes of Nazlin Umar and Esther Passaris.

While Esther Passaris tried to ride on the “success” of adopt-a-light, Nazlin Umar once vied for the presidency of Kenya with her only strong point being that she was the best because even “Raila tried to rape” her. Nazlin and Passaris are women who would use their sexuality to bring a man to do what they want. They can’t be trusted in this regard. There are women to trust. Passaris and Nazlin Umar are not some of them.

Passaris has come out to claim that Dr James Mwangi, Equity Bank CEO, tried to force her into bed. She didn’t narrate how this happened but you must realise that it’s that season of political campaigns and anything can be said to get into the headlines. So unless Passaris provide some believable explanation, it might just be a means to grab the headlines without spending a dime.

Not that Dr Mwangi is a saint. He is in fact known to love women to the extent that he would not fail to use his money and influence to get them into bed. But that doesn’t make the word of every claimant true.