Uhuru Kenyatta
Instruction from Office of the President to DCI boss was clear, arrest the CORD legislatures to cover the hate spewed by Moses Kuria and Waititu at President Kenyatta’s Kameme FM radio station event.
Make Kenyans think that the CORD legislators are more hateful than Moses Kuria who has called for the execution and assassination of individuals and communities.
Kenyans MUST demand for the immediate arrest of Moses Kuria, Ferdinand Waititu and Kimani Ngunjiri. Arresting others to hide the crimes of the President’s hate-mongers is solving nothing.
Moses Kuria calling for the assassination of Raila Odinga
The hate by Kuria, Waititu and Ngunjiri seems to be sponsored and sanctioned by State House. That is what is WRONG with Kenya.
Read the attached charge and caution sheet by CID. Aisha Jumwa is alleged to have said – “Rais Kuchagua mtu kama Moses Kuria kwa mazungumzo ya IEBC ni kupoteza wakati”.
Charge and caution sheets by CID;
Tell me what is hateful or criminal about that. Junet Sheikh Nuh Mohammed is alleged to have said – “If the national police will not take action against the Jubilee MPs who uttered hateful words then we will story the IG’s office to demand arrest
It is not clear how hateful the comments by Aisha and Junet Mohammed are.
MP Ferdinand Waititu saying he will circumcise Luos by FORCE