Is Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho the cause of Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari’s separation? Well, word on the street has it that the flamboyant deputy ODM party leader is a frequent visitor and rate payer at Betty’s Hurlingham apartment.

The Mombasa governor is rumoured to have bought Betty the apartment. Betty is said to be driving a sleek 4×4 courtesy of the governor.

Residents of the apartment have taken photos of the governor frequenting at the Rose Avenue located apartment with his security in tow. “When he is here, security is very tight,” one resident intimated.

We are still loving the pictures and watermarking them. We will share them soon.

The easy nature of Betty Kyalo is not surprising. She showed it all in the media when she started leading Prezzo during his Friday Briefing appearance. She is also known to be greedy for good things. The greed always lead to either prostitution or theft. She is high maintenance and Dennis Okari being easily fooled, fell for it.