Nation Media Group CEO Joe Muganda
Nation Media Group CEO Joe Muganda

Dar days in Kenyan journalism is here. Kenyan media managers have been cornered by the highly bribing government to kill objectivity and allow for compromised journalists to reign supreme as the executive try to control media channels during the electioneering period.

Today, Nation Media CEO has suspended Managing Editor for special projects, Dennis Galava, over an editorial he authored and published on 2nd January 2016 calling on President Uhuru to put his acts together and allow for free expression in the country.

Many journalists have voiced their concerns against the move by NMG calling it dictatorial and bordering on sabotage of the Kenyan nation. Many Kenyan social media users shared the link to the unusually scathing attack on the Presidency wondering what might have changed in the regions biggest media house known to worship the tribal hegemony perpetuated from State House in Nairobi.

Part of the editorial read;

Your Excellency, 2015 was a bad year for Kenya. All the pillars of our nationhood were tested and most were found wanting. Some collapsed, some were seriously weakened, while others were desecrated beyond repair.

We are talking about the presidency, economy, security and, most importantly, the people.

We acknowledge the fact that it has been a tough year for leaders across the world — what with global economic upheavals and terrorists wreaking havoc everywhere.

However, we reject the almost criminal resignation and negligence with which your government has responded to our national crises this past year. We need not recount the number of lives lost, the losses incurred by businesses and opportunities wasted for millions of Kenyans due to the incompetence of the Executive.

With the exception of a few family businesses and tenderpreneurs who raked in billions of shillings — thanks largely to political patronage — everyone is losing money in this country.

The stock exchange is brewing losses instead of creating wealth. Companies are sending workers home to stay afloat, while small businesses are shutting down mainly because of Executive myopia.

The people losing jobs are joining millions of desperate youth who have never known a job, despite having an education. This growing army of disgruntled youth and middle-aged people pose a grave risk to the country which, unfortunately, the government seems to understate.

Mr President, unemployment, corruption, bureaucratic incompetence and economic paralysis are the bane of your regime. The country today is crying for action — practical measures to guarantee the citizens that the government has been seized of their concerns.

Instead of providing this leadership, you and your lieutenants — the Deputy President, THE Cabinet, MPs and Senators — have adopted a default campaign mode of regaling the public with tales of largesse to come.

Your Excellency, three years is a long time to live on hope. On more than one occasion you have addressed the nation and promised to fix the fundamentals of statehood once and for all. However, nothing has come of it. Your Excellency, why do you make promises that you cannot keep?

Remember November 24, 2015, when you reshuffled the Cabinet? You promised to constitute a budget office at State House to address the financial mess that’s Jubilee’s hallmark in two weeks. Almost six weeks later, nothing has been heard of it. And this is not the first time.

Kenyans should prepare for move of such moves and Kenyan president clamps down on free expression and tighten hold on the mainstream media.

  • The blessed

    Why don’t you give him a job at kahawatungu where he’ll continue your mission of bashing the presidency and praising the Lord of poverty.

    • Msemakweli

      I know your ilk. Supporting the powers that be due to tribal affiliations and suffering alone.

      • The blessed

        Kenyans are enjoying jubilee’s leadership except a few who are perennial dissatisfied tribal maniacs who will keep waiting for one of their own to get to the highest office maybe in another century.

        • chaichungu

          Which Kenyans are you referring to boss? Look at the article? Is it saying the truth? The problem with Kenyans…when we chose to support, we support to blindly! The price of food has gone up, taxes have increased despite little improvements in Kenyan lives(more jobless youth, terrorism, corruption of epic proportions, tenderpreneurs-oberprived railway, NYS saga, payment of Anglo leasing goons, non of the corrupt people have been brought to justice, many of the PEV people have been neglected yet 70 MPs go to support Ruto at the Hague using our coffers, Stealing of school land by a deputy president-owned hotel -he pretended it wasn’t his for weeks before he accepted it was his…)…look around you before you say that anyone is enjoying Jubilee rule. This has nothing to do with Uhuru. It has all to do with leadership at all levels that is not rising to the occasion with courage to deal with issues. If you want to see a real leader who is in touch with the situation in. His country look south to Tanzania. Now that’s a country that is enjoying the rule of its leader! …and by the way boss…simply because I criticise the Jubilee govt doesn’t mean I support CORD. This is the falacy and shallowness of Kenyan politics and Kenyan people. So, keep enjoying leadership from people who do more harm to you than good simply because you want to support!

          • The blessed

            Surprised that you’ve already rated Tanzanian leadership as an example of good governance even before he has completed 100 days in office. Just because he’s walking around and is a friend to Rao, you rate him highly. Moi did the same and then destroyed our economy for 24 yrs without shame. You’re no different from other kenyan’s who hate their own country because their tribe is not in top leadership. Jubilee has done a lot and are assured of another term despite shortcomings in security and corruption which has invested itself across the board. Your ilk will never appreciate anything good coming from parties you don’t support but will keep highlighting none issues. Keep walking and waiting and then relocate to Magufuli’ s world.

          • chaichungu

            “You’re no different from other kenyan’s who hate their own country because their tribe is not in top leadership.”..i presume you already know my tribe? What a perceptive guy you are. All the best.

        • Msemakweli

          Really, they are really enjoying especially the Waigurus, Ngunyis etc……..the verdict is out!!!

        • Scribe

          Silly mongoloid unless you are living on another planet. Who is enjoying? Businessmen or thieves?

  • July Grayfield

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