By Concerned Staffof Horizon
We would like to bring to the attention of the public labour laws and human rights violation that has been going on at HORIZON CONTACT CENTER – GATEWAY CENTER MOMBASA ROAD. We would like to request the copied government agencies to investigate in order to verify our claims and take action as this violations have continued for a long time.
-Staff members are given contracts to sign within 5 minutes and you are told not to take time to read and your copy is not given to you inorder to hide the wrongdoings.
-Staff members are not paid what they have signed in the contracts-you are told you will be sacked if you question amount paid.Example -if your contarct states 30,000sh – you end up earning 13000sh.We staff members are denied our rightful pay while the government tax is evaded as no one files tax returns.KRA needs to investigate wrongful tax submissions(less tax is paid).
-We can work at times for 13 straight hours and payment for overtime is never paid and if you complain you may be terminated so we always keep quiet.This is a human right violation as you are forced lest you loose your Job.
-Some of our colleagues were terminated early this week and their final dues have not been paid despite them clearing.They were terminated on flimsy grounds and we believe we are next.Kindly Mr. Nizam PAY THE STAFF MEMBERS TERMINATED or we go to court.As per labour laws both locally and internationally once a staff member terminated clears with you then you have to pay them immediately so as to also clear with them.
-We are also told not to give information regarding our operations to anyone so when investigating kindly ensure those giving information are not named as we will loose our jobs.
Kindly we request your assistance as the over 400 staff members have also been denied rights of joining any trade union.
Mr. Nizam we thank you for offering employment but we insist that you are not excused from following the laid down regulations.
Follow the laid down regulations or you will be shipped put by your own wrongdoings and the love of using shortcuts.
We are in the process of forwarding information to the ministry of labor,cotu ,media and kenya national human rights.Yo may bar us from carrying pens,papers or phone but you need to know that technology gives us other options.
Change or be changed-this is our humble request Mr. Nizam.
  • Machozi

    Mlienda kesha, mkaomba, mkafunga na mkapanda mbegu ati ndio mpate kazi. Sasa kazi mkishapata mnaanza nyef nyef. If somebody told you of those conditions before you took up the job, you will still have gone, so wacha mshene and report to work on Monday!

  • Dintle

    Problem is there are many kenyans looking for work, and being replaced is very easy. So put up or walk out.

  • lastpoet

    Posters like the one below are the reason employers get away with mistreating staff.

    Labour laws are enshrined in the constitution. An employer has a care of duty which HE MUST follow – no option! Desperation to get a job is not an excuse for mistreating employees.

    Horizon Contact Centre employees we support you in your quest for your due rights. You have a right to demand proper treatment