samsung Ngeru

Robert Ngeru has finally been given matching orders at Samsung East and Central Africa office. The outspoken Samsung boss was shown the door after internal investigations by sleuths from Samsung headquarters found him complicit in various fraudulent transactions which saw the company loose more than $24million.

Before being sacked, Samsung headquarters tasked Ghiyeon Kim, Jung Hyun and Yunkun Num to lead the investigations on the actions of Robert Ngeru, especially in regards to a company called Jayden Limited (named after Ngeru’s daughter), Orchid Resources Management and Alsaa Investment Limited.

The three companies were removed from the list of vendors and blacklisted from ever doing business with Samsung. Some of those who were sacked with Ngeru include the HR Manager Mr Mugo Mukunya and Danish Oyugi. However, the illegal activities of Ngeru and his cohorts at Samsung East and Central Africa led to the earlier departure of the IT Head Manoj Changarampatt.

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Mr Ngeru was also accused of paying kickbacks to various business partners including government employees. 4 employees complained to the Samsung headquarters in Seoul South Korea leading to the launching of investigations.

During the investigations, Robert Ngeru lost powers to make approvals on any of the regional transactions as well as the Business-to-Business portfolio which was given to Mr Nandan Nair.

Samsung’s local office dealt with the products from the IT and Mobile, Consumer Electronics and Device Solutions divisions. It managed the marketing and distribution of the televisions, mobile phones, Refrigerators, Printers, health equipment and digital home appliances.

Samsung headquarters decided to relieve Ngeru and others without much drama but the employees at the regional office are relieved as most of them hated the underhand dealings.

  • Machozi

    Mkenya kazi ni wizi tu.

  • Irene Owili

    Can the author of this article please provide evidence of his allegations? How on earth would anyone want to tarnish the name of a very honourable hardworking man like Danish Oyugi? Ati SACKED?? Who sacked him & when? This is serious defamation..

    • Kennedy Msema Kweli

      On LinkedIn Danish left Samsung in Feb 2015 and is now with Lenovo.All the same looks can be deceiving

      • Irene Owili

        Yes he left in Jan, so then you should know that the article is fake someone somewhere going green with his achievements! Anyone who’s ever worked with the guy knows he’s smart,thorough & never been of questionable integrity! NKT

    • Nescafe

      Do not always take these writers seriously. They make money by peddling lies and tarnishing names at the same time blackmailing CEOs for bribes.

  • Fourth_Protocol

    matching orders……loose more than $24million.
    Grammar my friend!

  • Nescafe

    Every time you engage in side shows ask yourself if you have the qualifications to take those positions. Or does blogging require more than KCSE?

  • Kennedy Msema Kweli

    Hizi Kikuyu hazitoshekangi. What a weird people!!!!!!1

    • Nescafe

      What did you mean by ” What a weird people!!!!!1″?

      • namedmesunshine

        He is right. why do kikuyus constantly feel the need to steal from their employers. smh.

    • babarofi

      Mbwa koko!!

  • Renuka Manoj

    Unfortunately Samsung did not check the background of some of their earlier senior executives and senior managers profile before employing them.Some of them have cheated the law of their country and families in various ways and now claim they left due to defamation while working for Samsung by outsiders.The fact being they feared that their true ( hidden) fact will be revealed and might end up with black mark in their high profile resume.