KDF 22

Kenyan security officers who are guarding the Somali border are being paid a measly daily allowance of Ksh 600. According to KDF and NYS officers who are stationed along the border and overseeing the building of the wall, most of those who were sent to the border on February 27th to guard the building of the wall along the border have not been paid since March.

The more than 43 KDF officers were suppose to get Ksh 600 as allowance for guarding the border but the payment has not been forthcoming with their commanders and top bosses passing blame. The officers have not said that it will only take a little nudging from terrorists for their colleagues to be compromised with better offers.

Somalia – Kenya border wall

The KDF officers provide security to the NYS personnel and their equipment. The NYS abandoned working on the wall when their payments and materials were not forthcoming. Officers overseeing the operation claim that the Devolution Ministry is not giving explanation on where the money allocated for the project is.