Uhuru Muhoho

According to sources within State House, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s younger son, Muhoho Kenyatta, is said to be undergoing drug rehabilitation in South Africa. The state of the son of the President is improving but the father and mother are really not happy his state.

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta and the President have been in South Africa various times in the last one month following the progress of recovery of Muhoho keenly. It is said that Muhoho has been hooked on the drugs even before the Uhuru became the President.

The addiction of the President’s son on hard drugs is the key reason why president Uhuru has come down on some drug runners in the country. It’s the reason why he is taking the war on drugs and alcohol seriously. Just like the First Lady who is taking the war on maternal death seriously after loosing a child, the President feels that he has been personally affected by the hard drugs imported into the country.

The president was in South Africa on a secret visit just after addressing the nation on the issue of teachers. He left the country on the night of  19th September an arrived back on Monday 21st September. First Lady Margaret Kenyatta was also spotted in South Africa around the same time.