As President Uhuru gambles with the lives of Kenyan children, one politician has decided to donate 35% of his salary to teachers.

Eddy Anayo has posted a letter he has written to the clerk of the County Assembly asking him to deduct 35% of his salary and submit it to the teachers kitty.


It is not clear how this is going to be implemented considering that a proper kitty has not been set up but maybe it is going to be under the Dr PLO Lumumba’s proposed “Adopt A Teacher” initiative.

According to media reports, Dr Lumumba donated Ksh 50,000 to the kitty urging other Kenyans to follow suit and help secure the future of the Kenyan children.

“………in order to give our teachers support and to be in solidarity with them, I am creating something called ‘Adopt A Teacher’ which is a solidarity Fund and I am making a contribution of Sh50,000,” he is reported to have said on Saturday.