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A sombre mood has engulfed the Standard Group this week after one of the longest serving employees was found dead in the staff toilets on Tuesday evening.

Despite the death raising questions, Standard Group’s head of HR, Pauline Kiraithe, acted in manner that is making some staff members ask if there was foul play in the death of Raphael Mutua. Mr Mutua who was 53 years old, served the group in various┬ásince 1983.

Only Pauline Kiraithe and Mercy Rono from the HR department were in office the evening Raphael’s body was found in the staff toilets.

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With the cause of death being unknown, it is said that Pauline demanded that employees and security staff who responded to the alert not inform anyone out of Standard Group. The police was not involved in the collection and ultimate investigation of the death of Mr Mutua.