NTV’s Jane Kiyo, Richard Chacha and Jamilla Mohammed at a past event

In a move that has proved that NTV is very hypocritical to blame the government for treating Garissa attack victims like children of a lesser god, the station’s newly confirmed GM, Linus Kaikai, has sacked Richard Chacha.

According to sources within the media group, Richard Chacha was shown the door for being crippled and so uproductive after the 2012 accident which also saw Linus Kaikai stay in hospital for some time. The accident happened while the team of NMG journalists were on their way from Narok after a fundraiser.

Others in the accident were Ephantus Mwangi, Frida Kirema and Emmanuel Talam. Richard Chacha was the driver of Linus Kaikai’s own Prado TX. He was the most affected as he has never walked after accident which left him paralysed from the waist downwards. He had to seek further treatment in India.

While terminating the contract of Richard Chacha and Debarl Ainea, Linus Kaikai indicated that the station needed to cut costs and improve on productivity. So Richard who was unfortunate to be the driver of Kaikai in the freak accident and now uses a motorised wheelchair is not productive enough according to Kaikai. Why is NTV blaming the government for mistreating terror victims when they mete the same treatment to poor staff who were crippled on official company assignment?

Other technical staff are expected to be sacked from NTV as the company now blindly banks on cost-cutting and not innovation.