NTV’s Jane Kiyo, Richard Chacha and Jamilla Mohammed at a past event

In a move that has proved that NTV is very hypocritical to blame the government for treating Garissa attack victims like children of a lesser god, the station’s newly confirmed GM, Linus Kaikai, has sacked Richard Chacha.

According to sources within the media group, Richard Chacha was shown the door for being crippled and so uproductive after the 2012 accident which also saw Linus Kaikai stay in hospital for some time. The accident happened while the team of NMG journalists were on their way from Narok after a fundraiser.

Others in the accident were Ephantus Mwangi, Frida Kirema and Emmanuel Talam. Richard Chacha was the driver of Linus Kaikai’s own Prado TX. He was the most affected as he has never walked after accident which left him paralysed from the waist downwards. He had to seek further treatment in India.

While terminating the contract of Richard Chacha and Debarl Ainea, Linus Kaikai indicated that the station needed to cut costs and improve on productivity. So Richard who was unfortunate to be the driver of Kaikai in the freak accident and now uses a motorised wheelchair is not productive enough according to Kaikai. Why is NTV blaming the government for mistreating terror victims when they mete the same treatment to poor staff who were crippled on official company assignment?

Other technical staff are expected to be sacked from NTV as the company now blindly banks on cost-cutting and not innovation.


  • Wiirute_Guthoma

    Why do you associate his productivity to his disability?
    Unless you have clear proof that his ‘unproductivity’ is due to his disability, zip it.

    For one, very few sacked employees believe/agree they deserved the axe; they always blame somebody else, politics,kuonewa bla bla. So if Talam was axed, don’t expect him to admit it. His easiest scapegoat is his disability. Disabled people are good at emotional blackmail

  • Kipngeno Kirui

    That is unlawful.Kakai has to face the law.That is discrimination of the highest order

  • Kennedy Njiru Mbogori

    Kaikai, that is totally UNACCEPTABLE!!! Why will you not put yourself in your brother’s shoes? If you were in Chacha’s situation, would you have wanted the same to be done to you? C’mon Linus, I had very high expectations of you, but clearly, you are a total disgrace when your very Founder His Highness The Aga Khan is a Champion of people living with disabilities. As far as most of us know, Chacha is well refined journalist, unless there is something more than meets the eye.

  • Polly Munde

    NTV airs stories of injustices in the society,the plight of disabled pple and
    this is how they act in actual sense.a sad revelation to humanity.

  • Maria Ondiso

    Why do they preach water and yet drink wine, Shame NTV

  • Karuga Mathenge

    It’s very normal for human beings to empathize and sympathize just like every one in this discussion has done. However, in capitalist economic system, owners of capital are interested on maximization of profit. As unfortunate as Chacha’s case may be the responsibility
    Of taking hard decisions lie with the CEO who in this case is Kaikai. He has to prove his worth at AGM when the NMG announces it’s financial results.

  • Captain Njoroge Njeri

    I think as a matter of fact, our companies must evolve and take care of employees who in their line of duty become unproductive due to accidents and/or sicknesses. Richard Chacha may not be productive yes, but his life and work in NTV should be used to offer him comfortable stay, pay and compensation. Was the vehicle insured? Is there company policy on employees compensation in case an accident happens? is there any other department that Chacha can work In his state? Discrimination on disability is against fundamental rights….

  • mwita

    There are Laws against such discrimination;- if ts true you have been
    sucked, Chacha my friend, get a written document (evidence) about the
    sucking. Then I will help you CALCULATE HOW MUCH PRODUCTIVITY YOU HAVE
    LOST DUE TO DISABILITY caused by HIS CAR, NOT AN NTV car. Then I will
    connect you to Human Rights and Other International Orgs about this! I
    work with one of them! SOMEONE will pay you HUNDRED TIMES more than WHAT
    he is ‘saving’. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
    [email protected].

  • Abuya

    Kenyans depend on the Third Estate and Civil Society Organizations to ensure protection and respect of their rights. Why should NTV be vocal of alleged violation of human rghts by government, when they turn a blind eye on their own violations. God is not a sleep. Brother Chacha God will give you long and peaceful life to enable you see how the mighty tumble down! Be consolled.

  • Kingdom Computer

    Shame NTV why treat your employees like that..

  • Eunuch

    Kaikai has no moral ground to preach to anybody about productivity after his embarassing loin episodes and bad-mouthing Emma Koskei for ditching him after she discovered the classroom of kids Kaikai had with numerous women outside wedlock. SHAME!!