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Members of Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) in Jericho are up in arms after one of the church leaders demanded a gift car from the members.


According to various church members, the Vicar – Geoffrey Okapisi, has demanded that the church members continue contributing money for his gift car which is priced at around Ksh 1.2million. The Vicar is also demanding that the members contribute cheques by drawing the same on his name and not the Church’s.


Now members are questioning if this is not a means of extortion as gifts should not be demanded.

  • Karuga Mathenge

    If you have swag why not the pastors who nourish you with spiritual food…

  • nguono

    We as a congregation decided to buy our vicar a car after good job done for the past year’s ….it is wrong to assassinate peoples character without proper infomation.

  • Sammy Osore Jnr

    Tunachanga kwa kupenda kwetu nobody is complaining or being forced

  • Chris Waruingi Kahuria

    I am not a member of this Church but I see no extortion here. It is the Development Commitee that is reminding members. These are voluntary contributions and there is a lot of malice in this post. I assume the person who posted this is not a true Christian and should not drag others into defaming the Church.