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23-Year Old Cabin Crew Wins Ksh 1million in GOtv ‘Dunga Milli’ Promo

Evalyne Kerubo GOtv

Evalyne Kerubo is the first winner of the recently announced ‘Dunga Milli’ promo by GOtv. Lady luck smiled at the 23 year old cabin crew as she won a cool Sh1,000,000/- cash prize in the ongoing promotion.

Just after returning from Lagos, Evalyne purchased and activated a GOtv decoder for Sh1,399/- earlier this month at a local retail chain after a referral from her dad who has been using GOtv for a couple of years now.

The draw, conducted in the presence of a Betting Control and Licensing Board officer, will see thousands of Kenyans win various prizes, with seven more millionaires to go for purchasing and activating a GOtv decoder.

Ms Kerubo with her dad

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