US Embassy Kenya

Former US Ambassador to Nairobi, Scott Gration, has finally spoken about his firing. The diplomat who is still based in Nairobi spoke to CNN saying that he believe that he was fairly punished for using GMAIL instead of the official and very secure State Department communication network.

According to an article which appeared on New Republic sometime in 2012, Scott Gration was fired by the Chief of Staff at the State Department, Cheryl Mills for persistently using gmail and other unsecured networks even at the US embassy in Nairobi.

Gration was said to have installed a commercial mail system in the embassy’s toilet and used the same to access his GMAIL saying that the State Department’s Open Net system was not secure and fast enough to deliver for him alerts he needed to respond to.

Mrs Clinton Tweeted

Gration came out to speak after the former Secretary of State and his former boss, Hillary Clinton was also found to use her non secured email address to access sensitive communications.

Scott Gration speaks to CNN

Shortly after arriving in Nairobi from Juba, Scott Gration voiced “his lack of confidence in the information management staff” of the Embassy, the State Department Office of the Inspector General noted in a report on the embassy that precipitated Gration’s firing.

Gration now says that it is unfair to treat his former boss differently after making the same mistakes he was accused of making. He wants same action taken on Clinton as he knew that the then Secretary of State was not using official emailing system