Violette Nduku Wambua
Violette Nduku Wambua

The host of Networking in Heels event, Violett Nduku Wambua is tonight spending her night at Central Police station after detectives stormed Nairobi Safari Club and arrested her tonight for owing some of his clients more than Ksh 500,000.

Violett was just about to host the event tonight when cops called her aside and asked her to accompany them to the Central Police station. She was arrested after failing to pay The Norfolk around Ksh 210,000 and Sarova Stanley Ksh 315,000.

Networking in Heels
The flyer for tonights event

Knowing that she owes the two hotels, Violett decided to host the event at another hotel without paying what she owed the other two hotels. The hotel accountants monitored her social media activities and planned her arrest during her Laico Regency event.