Aga Khan

NTV is reportedly planning to switch back on tomorrow (Tuesday) after desperately trying even to use the Aga Khan to get the government to suspend to digital migration and allow them to broadcast on the analogue platform.

Aga Khan 1

President Uhuru Evades Top Media Bosses Waiting for Him at State House

The President flatly refused to allow even former President Moi or the Aga Khan to convince him that he needed to allow analogue transmission any more. With the Aga Khan having unsuccessfully tried to convince the President, the majority shareholder at Nation Media Group implored NMG CEO to embrace technology.

Jeff Koinange, Churchill and Others Planning to Migrate as TV Switch-Off Bites

So insiders at the twin towers have whispered that NTV and QTV will be back tomorrow despite KTN and Citizen continuing to be off air. The President told the Aga Khan that he could only allow analogue extension for rural and not urban areas. He insisted that the country must move forward.