Vioja Mahakamani

KBC decided to revamp its popular court room drama, Vioja Mahakamani. According to a teaser uploaded on YouTube, the series new cast consist of young actors like Aliwa (Gospel singer), Ayimba, Dr Ofweneke, Nice Githinji, Maasai and others.

New Vioja Mahakamani teaser

The change in cast came about after KBC informed the Ondiek Nyuka Akwota Oloba Man Giddy, ALbert Makacha bin Makoha and Alexander Josephat that they will need to change the look of the show and bring in new actors. The team refused and insisted that they were good the way they were and so were not willing to change anything.

Daktari show on KTN

So KBC sacked the whole crew in December and they went to KTN where they now have a show called Daktari.

  • Charles

    To give KBC a run for their money, KTN’s ‘Daktari’ needs to be aired same day, same time with the new lucklusture ‘vioja’

  • Charles Njeru Kigoro

    If never changes,change will change you.

  • mikee Em

    Kbc will defntly loose it if they go by charls suggstn

  • Muitu

    I was a faithful follower of Vioja just coz of Nyuka Kuota, Oleksanda and most beautifully, the legendary Makokha. KBC is finished!

  • kushmnono

    It will go the same way Metro fm went after Walter “Nyambane” Mong’are messed up. Watch this space