A female student of Moi University at Main Campus, Eldoret, was found raped and killed near one of the institution’s hostels. The student is believed to be a third year in the school of Arts and Social Sciences.

The shocking incident happened last night and police are yet to make any arrests. As news of the incident spread across the institution, fear gripped female students with many calling on the university to do more on security of students.

Many former students have told this writer that around 2006 onwards, the institution used to face such incidents where students would be attacked and female students raped by a shadowy figure the students nicknamed ‘mashoka’, as he used to hack unsuspecting students using an axe. However, towards 2011, the attacks stopped but with this shocking incident it seems the dark days have returned at the Eldoret based university.




  • Cira Wa Njugush

    Sad. Her parents were looking forward to her grad and hoping for a successful life soon after. RIP

  • Kosachey Shla

    but that photo realy”””‘

  • San-weyne

    Which photo?

  • Jerry Jussy Di’governor

    wapi picha ngombe hii?

    • shillings

      So you throw a fit name calling to see a photo of a girl who is already dead and has been brutally violated. What exactly is the thrill for you. SMDH

    • Bee Bywhat

      Like u seriously want to see for what benefit..its violation of the deads dignity and its family and friends. This victim has already gone through much lets not double violate her. May her soul rest in peace

      • Guest


  • markbatess

    Don’t these people know NOT TO CONTAMINATE A CRIME SCENCE? Police might actually arrest that guy in red pants cause his footprints and DNA are all over.

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