ashok shah

Video evidence has emerged of one of the most corrupt Indians in Kenya and wheeler dealer with wide connections, Ashok Shah, drawing a gun and wanting to shoot Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati after the legislator confronted him over the grabbed land which is located in Lavington.

Angry youth stopped Ashok Shah from making any constructions on the land after which Ashok Shah accused Simba Arati of hiring the young men to stop the construction. Ashok Shah then made a call to Hon Simba Arati inviting him to the piece of land. When the MP went to the scene, Ashok Shah drew a gun and tried to shoot the MP claiming that the MP was blocking him from legally eating what he legally acquired.

Watch the video below from 14:30 point

The MP reported the matter at Muthangari Police station under OB number 36/11/5/2014 on 16th May 2014 but no action has been taken since.The piece of land under dispute is LR no. 3734/549.

Ashok Shah is one of the major shareholders of APA insurance.

  • watesh

    Money money….some people can never get enough of it. You have more than you can spend but still want more


    Did the land grabbing end??????

  • matunda66

    You got your facts wrong, this is not the Ashok Shah, who is one of the major shareholder of APA insurance, kindly do your homework first before you get slapped with a law suit..