During the election which made him the student guild president of Kenyatta University, many students complained that Vice Chancellor Prof Oliver Mugenda choreographed George Thuku’s win by ensuring his worthy opponents were barred from the election.

It all started when one student, a Mr. Owino, who was vying against Thuku, was disqualified. This led to chaos at the institution as other students protested the move citing ‘early rigging’ of the election by the administration in favour of those who perceived to be administration projects.

Several students, including Owino, was suspended. The student election then took the form of national ethnic alignments dividing the institution in pro-CORD and pro-Jubilee campaign mobilization environment.

Sadly, after the chaos incident, several students mainly supporters of Owino, were summoned by the university and hurriedly suspended.

Despite the earlier suspensions, the ‘student president’ has again written to the university recommending four more students to be suspended from the university.

Kenyatta University has suspended and expelled more students from Nyanza and Western in the last one year since Uhuru came to power than the combined tally of students suspended from other public universities. Recently, high court found the university had not followed the right procedure in suspending over 18 students who protested voter stuffing at the institution during the 2013 General elections.

Here is the letter: