Nandi Hills MP Hon Alfred Kiptoo Keter stormed the Gilgil weigh-bridge yesterday demanding that the KENHA, SGS (contracted to man the bridge) and Kenya police workers who were manning the weigh-bridge to release a trailer which didn’t have authorisation to move on the road.

The trailers which are supposed to seek authorisation from KeNHA didn’t have any and so it was detained at the Gilgil weigh-bridge. The trailer is owned by Sunjeev Kour Birdi who is a URP nominated MP. The two MPs were travelling on Toyota Landcruiser KCA 800J and came from Nairobi in the middle of the night to threaten the workers.

Alfred Keter and Sunjeev Birdi threatening Gilgil Weigh-Bridge Staff

The two MPs claimed that State House comptroller and others wanted the truck released as the president didn’t like the truck detained. When the MP realised that the workers were not letting the truck go, the MP stormed from the venue promising to make sure that the white owners of the company never get any contract.

The detained truck

The MP also promised to teach the workers a lesson and make sure they were all fired. This is one high level corruption which URP seems to condone with Alfred Keter openly bragging to the workers how he deals in big time corruption not small like the detention of a truck.

  • Hillan18

    The people (Kenyans) who elected Alfred Keter should exercise their constitutional mandate and recall him. It is an a front to decorum to call a neanderthal like Keter honourable. !!

    • mhalifu

      All Kalenjins will come to his support. Forget about being recalled

      • P’eter Kip

        Trust me I won’t support a douche like that. So there are sober Kales like myself

        • Maps

          You must a special one!

  • Kanu Yajenga Nchi

    We need more patriots like those officers. We must refuse to be corrupted, we must follow the law. Those who want to call others motherfuckers can do so but the law must be followed.

  • MorrisaMkenya

    That mheshimiwa can really curse…those officers did a good job refusing corruption….calling people muthafuckers..LOL…kenyan leaders nad will pretend to be whistleblowers.

  • MotoristAssociationofkenya Mak

    Kenha should treat all the same. Kudos.

  • B. K. N.W

    Horrible Keter… What a shame! Corrupt, arrogant man!! He should be put where he belongs! These officers should sue him for his vulgar language and intention to bribe …

  • Hezron Otieno Mc’Obewa

    As a staunch supporter of Hon Keter, What a disappointment and let down. This is an unfortunate slip up unless he was under the influence. he owes the country an apology

    • mhalifu

      The guy got compromised long ago, useless and worthless skunk

  • ndeme

    Oooh gosh, so everyone should do as they please. What a misuse of power…..

  • ndiaondiao

    When you hear them screaming at the top if their vouces, don’t believe them. They lost on a corruption deal. Sooner their silence will be purchased by a grander corrupt deal.

  • Dkenia

    Kenyans should RISE UP!…All those who called should be prosecuted…Statehouse controller, Kamama, and this lunatic Keter. Kudos guys for standing up. Revolution on corrupt indivduals is coming…

    • Phil K. Thom

      Did they really call?

      • Dkenia

        Listen to the conversation on youtube…even the Indian lady confirms that the problem was not the document but the calls that the Officers refused to pick…everyone should be investigated including statehouse employees.So do listen very careful.

    • mhalifu

      Unfotunatelly the law will turn agaist the askaris

  • AgeOldWisdom

    Kufanyana Na kutendana. You made your bed now sleep on it.

  • bob

    That truck is designed that way it’s not a trailer so you can offload if it’s over weight

  • David Safari

    I thought keter was a real gentleman,all that insult is making me wonder,our leaders are crossing the border,they MAKE rules and rules are reserved by individual MP like Keter what about a normal Kenyan citizen?It’s a pity to our country………

  • Benard Ondoro

    he fucks innocent stupid people????

  • OgwenoDaniel

    What a disappointment! So all these noises Let er was making was because he ‘lost’ some tender. How I mistakenly respected this guy. Now I know him. What a dirty mouth!

  • Kariuki Anthony Kiragu

    Shouldn’t he be charged in court?

  • Kariuki Anthony Kiragu

    Wow! Those button-hole cams are really handy gizmos…

  • mhalifu

    Just like the Biblical Samson,the lion in Keter, the Nandi Hills MP,
    left him when he sold his birthright for a morsel of a meal (government
    tenders). I am perplexed that Keter has turned away from the struggle to
    liberate Kenyans by supporting mass withdrawal of African states from
    the Rome statute! He accepted to be hoodwinked by corrupt and murderers
    government opperatives. I can now believe what the DP had said caused
    despondency in this ‘youthfool’ legislator: that he had failed to secure
    some tenders. He will live a haunted man now and for ever more. In
    politics, it is wise to remain steadfast. I advocate for his arrest and
    prosecution following what traspired at the Weighbridge ( he abetted
    corruption) to serve as a lesson to the like-minded fellows who only
    sober up and become critical when they are locked out of corrupt deals.

  • Humphrey Jaugenya

    cant believe my eyes

  • kelvin

    Drunk on power

  • renceokgobja

    Have you guys noted the calm with which the officer handled him? Mad respect. Personally, I’d have lost it and am sure a few punches would have been exchanged.

    It also scares me what would have happened if this fiasco wouldn’t have come to light. Some innocent officers would have been victimized, or worse, and noone would have known. Thank you Alai

  • Eng. Ndiewo

    The truck belonged to the nominated mps father Mr. Birdi who runs Turn O Metal Engineers ltd (TOME)

  • ThinkTank2014

    Now you truly know how your country is run. With a phone call, the rich have their way. For you mnyonge, haki yako utapata wapi? Look very closely. Are these the mps who should be fighting corruption. Listen. How many phone calls were made to release the truck? Did you notice that the corruption runs deep in high places….expoze!!!

  • MoKilo

    No wonder the government is nothing but a word if these are the people running it.. …he sounds like anyother drunkard

  • James

    He has no honor and its a disgrace he has Hon. in front of his name. Kenya is in big trouble electing crooks like this into parliament. MPs are the servants of the people, paid for by the people, to protect and help the people. Its not a position you take to advance your ill gotten bank account. Shame on Keter, he is a disgrace to his family and Kenya.

  • Frederick Muketi

    Kudos to the KENHA, SGS and Kenya police workers who were manning the GilGil weigh-bridge for insisting on correct documentation rather than to release a trailer which didn’t have authorisation to move on the road. That example should be borrowed by all our civil servants and we will have a clean society, except parliament, where there is no rule of the law, chestpower rules there as seen recently. Shame to the Nandi Hills MP Hon Alfred Kiptoo Keter.

  • mutuuri

    Am always proud to be a Kenyan, we may seem stupid but we know what we do kudoz to the brave man behind the recording. Keter,u may have all the money, or power as u say so we heard you loud and clear may the GOD of the innocent lives uve costed as u brag deal with you I pity you toung man.

  • Wiirute_Guthoma

    What were they doing in the middle of the night together?

  • kenyaman

    how can a leader say we break the law when they want and use words like the motherfucker hi aaaa kwani hawa ni nani.