Nairobi Water

Nairobi Water intends to have a new logo designed for them. To do that they have organized a competition for designers in which the creator of the winning logo will be awarded Ksh. 100,000.

To promote this competition, Nairobi water has booked one week spots on three radio stations: Kiss, Classic 105 and Capital FM. The ads will run for 4 spots everyday and each spot costs Ksh. 30,000 (that is 30,000 * 453 = 1.8 M). The ad has and will also continue to be on tomorrow which is another Ksh. 300,000*3. This brings the whole thing to around Ksh. 3 M before the grand prize.

Now the grand prize is only Ksh. 100,000 are you seeing the designers being short-changed here?

What stops Nairobi water from just employing a consultant to design the logo for them? It will cost much less and save tax payers money.

The radio ads started running today afternoon, confirm with your contacts in the sales department of the said radio stations. The newspaper ad will run on the nation tomorrow.

My source for this story wants this info to come out tomorrow after the newspaper ad  coz she is afraid if it comes out today it will be known it came from an insider.