William Ruto and Citizen's Evelyne Wambui at Weston Hotel during the hotel's construction
William Ruto and Citizen’s Evelyne Wambui at Weston Hotel during the hotel’s construction

Deputy President is being reported by a section of the media as not the rightful owner of the controversial Weston Hotel which sits on the grabbed Kenya Civil Aviation land and was recently behind the grabbing of the Lang’ata Road Primary School playground.

Daily Nation has tried to do PR for William Ruto just the same way they did for him when KIMC demonstrated against Ruto grabbing their land but Nation and Standard changed the story to the students demonstrating against small amount of food. The Kenyan media is part of the corrupt system which is stifling the Kenyan nation.

Story of Patrick Osero grabbing KIMC land. Ruto and Patrick Osero are one and the same thing.

But evidence in mainstream media which is available to all online reveal something sinister about Deputy President William Ruto’s relationship with Weston Hotel. When Citizen TV’s Evelyne Wambui did a “Newsmakers Piece” on Ruto, she followed him from the gym to his “constructions” and “developments” which he confessed on the clip that he loves undertaking.

Lawyers like Ahmednasir Abdullahi are just part of the schemers who try to win the faith of the public with some “criticism of the rulers” while in the real sense, he is part and parcel of the corrupt elite as he protects them.

Ruto named his apartments built on the grabbed Kenya Pipeline land in Makadara ‘Easton’. So Weston follows the naming scheme. Right?

In the video, Ruto is filmed visiting the controversial Weston Hotel along Lang’ata Road by the Citizen TV crew. At minute 7:32 to 7:35 you can actually see Lang’ata road on the background while Ruto is inside weston hotel during construction.

Other evidence have emerged from tweeps online.

  • Peter Okong’o

    Clearly the Internet never forgets heheheee!!

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      Forget what?achana sisi tuseme juu ya huyo jamaa

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    Ruto ni Mwizi hatari sana.

  • Omung’are

    Surely there must be something about this man and land. Every land he touches becomes controversial. How much land does the man need surely?

    • Tingali

      Actually, if you read Edgar Alan Poe’s story by the same title (“How much land does a man need”), the demise of Pahom, the protagonist, teaches you all about the dangers of greed. All those who yearn more land than they truly need soon find out that a six by six hole is all they need…

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  • M. K. Choge

    this is quite embarrassing, but do we say, to the rulers belong the spoils….

  • isaac mwaura

    Its amazing how kenyan are fast to give a mouth lashing with no facts.

    • Bwibo

      Why is Ruto inspecting Weston?

      • Felix Rics

        He wanted to buy it from private developer,

  • Patriot

    Mwizi ni mwi?

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    kwisha Kenya…

  • Mr. Majani

    Alai good work. You are the best investigative blogger in the land

  • dmuhamia

    The land is owned by an anonymous part

  • Mwai M

    There is enough for everyone’s needs but not for everyone’s greed! You have so much and you are never satisfied… very sad indeed..

  • Matt1nook

    Well done you guys doing the good job of Kenyaleaks. Please tell us more and shame the devil! Kenya needs the likes of you. Where is the Truth and Reconciliation ..eeh.. whatever?

  • Robert M

    we fought the Moi regime but stupid us Kenyans brought it back. Im sure as much as we see the writings on the wall we will still vote these criminals and land grabbers back

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    that is it friends but do we say,we voted for them why cry

  • djken wanji

    Wote cc ni grabbers tu,it’s the opportunities that r rare.The good book says-‘the heart of man is evil,who can know it’? well i say only God sees the heart of man and change it.

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    those in the north and south of the city in the sun take guard of institutions in these areas, ‘Northon’ & ‘Southon’ investments in the pipeline ……….