Airtel Kenya which is part of the Bharti Airtel Group, has announced that it has successfully integrated the Essar Kenya, yuMobile, customers into its network. The process which started in August 2014 has seen the 2.55 million yuMobile customers successfully integrated into the Airtel network.

The migration now brings Airtel Kenya subscribers to 8 million with a 26.6 % customer market share.

yuMobile subscribers migrated to Airtel after the completion of of buyout which has seen Safaricom acquire the network’s tangible assets while Airtel Kenya opted for the subscribers. The move benefits yuMobile clients as they will also get to experience Airtel Kenya’s 3G network though mostly in various towns.

yuMobile customers will retain their existing mobile numbers, continue to enjoy their yuMobile services including Ksh3yuMobile calls to other networks, free yuMobile-to-yuMobile calls, SMS rates  at Ksh1 yuMobile-to-yuMobile and Ksh2 yuMobile to other networks and valued added services.