Chinese Hackers Runda
House in Runda where Chinese Hackers were found

Sources within the Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology have revealed that the Cabinet Secretary has now recruited an army of hackers who have been tasked with hacking the accounts of key government critics including bloggers, journalists and activists.

Some of the hackers have been drawn from the IEBC as they were successfully used to hack the system and tamper with the tallying process changing the process a great deal.

Apart from hacking and monitoring activists and bloggers, the army has been tasked with inflitrating the computers of the critics ensuring that the government can remotely manage their email, social media and private mail accounts.

The army first grouped when a group of Chinese hackers embarrassed President Uhuru while he was on a trip to USA. They accessed diplomatic mails and other confidential communications and uploaded the same onto the web. The hackers later infiltrated the email system, Zimbra, used by the Deputy President’s staff and uploaded the confidential communication onto Chinese hackers’ social sites.

Some of the Diplomatic Documents hacked in government computers were uploaded onto servers in Eastern Europe, used by Chinese Cyber Army .

The hack created tension between the Kenyan and Chinese government resulting in the recent visit of the Chinese Foreign Minister who even asked the government to deport the hackers and not punish them. China is always hard on criminals and so the suggestion that Kenya deport the 77 hackers raised eyebrows leading to tech pundits asking what the Chinese government knew.

The Kenyan government recently demanded that ISPs hand over control of the Fibre landing stations to it, failure to which there will be forced acquisition of the same. The government is also training a group of military officers based at DoD Headquarters to monitors Kenyan cyber space.