Weston Hotel

Weston Hotel which is associated with William Ruto has grabbed an acre of land belonging to Lang’ata Road Primary School and marked it for use as the hotel’s parking space.

The grabbing of the land has shocked teachers, parents and students of the school as officials of Nairobi County have been part of the grabbing. Nairobi County approved the construction of a perimeter wall carving out the playground from the school. A private developer fenced the hived piece of land in December sparking protest from stakeholders.

The school’s headmaster says that they have been intimidated especially during the four days when the hotel management fenced off the piece of land.

Old NTV story about Weston Hotel

The Weston Hotel itself sits on land which was meant to host the headquarters of Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA). How Weston hotel acquired the piece has been a point of discussion with the then KCAA boss Chris Kuto being blamed for transferring the land illegally.

Now 700 pupils have no playground because Deputy President William Ruto’s Weston Hotel has grabbed the piece.