Paul Kobia was early this week heard bragging to some patrons and the owner of Buffet Park, Mr Muya that he killed Hon Raila Odinga’s son, Fidel Odinga. In one of the most stupid showmanship, the thug and runaway killer who has connections right inside State House confessed to the patrons that he killed Fidel because he organised his assault.

The confessions were heard by friends of Fidel who have revealed this to security officers. Kobia made the confession on Monday night at Buffet park. The security officers have refused to act because Paul Kobia enjoys State House protection. He moves around in a convoy of cars including police chase cars. Paul Kobia is also always armed with weapons including shotguns and pistols.

It is not clear why Paul Kobia enjoys such kind of state protection. He is known to be a friend of Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko who has constantly refuted this saying that he is not a friend of Kobia.

Friends of Raila are now demanding that Kobia be arrested.


On December 20th, Paul Kobia promised his friends that he will make sure that Fidel Odinga is hurt. Kobia who was at the home of one Steve Mbogo spoke in the presence of UoN student leader Babu Owino. Steve Mbogo said that Fidel deserved to die and he would ensure that it happens.

After the publication of this post, Paul Kobia was taken to Gigiri Police station by Sonko and his armed brigade. But the Gigiri Police boss refused to lock him up arguing that he is mad and so should be taken to hospital. It is not clear how the Gigiri Police boss determined that Kobia is mad.

Kobia was later taken to Agha Khan hospital.

  • Kulabusia Geoffrey Kakai

    2Co 7:10 For godly sorrow produces repentance to salvation, not to be regretted; but the sorrow of the world produces death.

  • Bea Houseoffashion


  • irene ndungu

    well, lets wait for justice

  • Mercie Sweets

    oh my God

  • jisto

    That kobia pig should be hunger in public

  • Mjaka Flani amekasirika

    He should not be arrested, he should be brought to Kisumu #KobiaAletweKisumu

  • Countess

    Provide evidence of your comment. Audio? Video? Tweet?

    • carol

      No countess no need for now,my wish …..may the evidence be someone sooo close to you pal,drugs bring forth crime in the society

  • Mr. Brown

    Last time you people had video evidence… you even had him canned. On what grounds do you want him arrested?

  • Innocent

    This Kobia guy! Speechless, used the same lift once with him at KICC as he was going to Sonko’s office sometime in November 2014, the poor chap never keeps his mouth shut although he was drunk. He was yapping to all those who cared to listen about the loads of money he has gone to collect from “Mheshimiwa”, that even “mheshimiwa” is buying him several mercedes benzes to add to his convoy. Kept admiring himself in the elevator mirror, clenching his fists as if he was in a boxing ring and at the same time bragging about the millions sonko will give him. Totally insane guy that one.

    I felt pity for Sonko for having such kind of friends.

    • carol

      trully innocent did i hear you felt pity for sonko for the kind of friends he have lol i thought sonko has changed his name to kobia thanks u made me notice they are two diff individuals #chalreachala

      • Innocent

        LOOOOOL, Sonko actually acts kind of “ashamed” being seen hanging around with this Kobia chap.

        In comparison to Kobia, Sonko is a saint i tell you.

    • Odeny Martha

      Hmmm…. l reserve my comments on some characters!

    • Mukami Lynne

      Yeah shared a meal with him in the company of a mutual friend and no food could pass through my throat in the midst of all the bragging and threats to the owner of the eatery for apparently demeaning him..

  • Joseph Otieno

    Sure? Hard to believe

  • Kotieno Francis

    this bitch has ever been lukin fo fame in all manners i pray that this tym he be arrested n face the law

  • Asiyo Wuod Piny

    State House Protection after confessing murder.



  • Mukami Lynne

    Hehe funny…The police are definitely afraid what the mad man will do to them while in lock up…And i believe them…he is mad…

  • Gnabry DeLaVega

    Those who know math…add this…manic depressive+Delusions of grandeur+needing to own AK47s and shotguns+killing innocent people+colombian cocaine=

  • Wiirute_Guthoma

    RIP Kobia

  • kingmswati

    Attention seeker ! My 5-year old is smarter ! Money doesn’t maketh the man but the brains and the attitude.

  • Edward Misango Anyenda

    If really Paul Kobia killed the son of Hon. Raila, he should have been behind the bars like yesterday. What is the government waiting for?

  • benjamin

    lifestyle of the rich and shameless…..some die with the name some die nameless…..its all the same pain….all the same thing…all the same shame….

  • Wiirute_Guthoma

    Kwani hakuna mchawi anaeza mroga?

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