To those with little historical background, this is Jubilee Government rule policy: In 1991, after brutal, painful and costly fight to return country to multi-partyism, former despot Daniel Arap Moi, woke up one morning and announced to the amusement of his troops of KANU sycophants that he ‘accepts’ repeal of section 2A of constitution. Superficially, multipartyism was re-introduced.

However, Moi had more ideas. He won 1992 elections. How? Moi ensured colonial laws, which were bedrock of KANU dictatorship, remained intact. The laws included Public Security Order Act, Chief’s Act, Sedition laws and dentition powers. These totalitarian laws enforced unquestioning political obedience, inhibited freedom of expression and media, limited association and assembly, and crushed dissent.

Jubilee government has effectively revived, condensed and re-enacted all these barbaric laws in its rule policy. President appears technically to remain within Constitution but has amassed sweeping autocratic presidential powers through Executive Orders and government policies that have eroded powers and functions of independent offices and commissions without changing Constitution. Constitution will exist in paper.

It is back to reporting to Chief (county commissioner), no holding of rallies or meetings without license, demonstrations and free speech are penalized and criminalized, flow of information is fully curtailed, and police are law unto themselves. KANU-MOISM state is back fullscale.