Fidel Odinga

Questions have been raised from various quarters as Raila Odinga’s family now mourn the death of Fidel Castro Odinga. Fidel died in his sleep Sunday morning after a night out with friends in various entertainment spots.

Fidel was last seen at Capital Club in the company of one Maureen Thiong’o whom he said to have dropped home. Fidel later went back to Capital Club where he stayed for a while before calling for Smart Fellas taxi services to drop him at his residence inside Bel Air County Homes gated community along Miotoni Road in Karen.

Some friends who had contact with Fidel include Fred Gumo’s son, Mayo Gumo, Robert Gichuru (son to Samuel Gichuru), Maureen Thiong’o and a Nelly Nyaga. Fidel met Tom Alila briefly at Rubicat before heading to Capital Club to meet Mabior Garang.

Fidel passed at Rubicat in the company of Billy Yaya who is a personal friend. Fidel passed through Rubicat where he found Atwoli, Hillary Alila, Jeremiah Owiti of UoN and Tom Alila waiting for Jirongo. He wanted to know if Tom Alila was also having some food poisoning issues like him. He said that they had lunch on Friday at Rubicat and he felt serious stomach discomfort. Tom Alila told him he didn’t have any stomach upsets.

Fidel then left for Capital Club where he picked Mabior Garang and headed to Sankara with him. At Sankara they just enjoyed themselves. Mayo Gumo joined them at Sankara.

The fact that Fidel complained of food poisoning raises issues. One of the persons he was with on Friday who is also his cousin, Andrew Ojwang’, died on Saturday morning.

The body of Fidel Odinga arrived at Lee Funeral home at 1pm this evening. A team of forensic investigators and pathologists had not left Fidel Odinga’s home by 7.30pm Sunday.

Mourners will converge at Raila’s home in Karen as Luo tradition dictates.

  • paul

    The Editor got it wrong yet again!
    You have written that Fidel was with his cousin Andrew Ojwang on Friday. However the family of Ojwang has denied that “The death of my son has nothing to do with Fidel Odinga. They don’t know each other properly. Those people have their political life. I have my private life. People should not mix the two,” Prof Ojwang’ said.
    Thisjust goes to show that your reporting is not accurate. Therefore, realise that when i raised questions over the Charles Imunde story I did so because I could see that your story was largly false.

    • Its about page views here – many more money by the number of people who read – whether factual or fiction

  • Franco1982

    This controversial Law should have include (if not there already ) an article to fine media doing difammation instead of reporting verified/accurat information.

    • paul

      My brother, you have said it best. I agree with you.

    • jisto

      Verified by who? Same jubilee censorship crap…get lost!

  • AWILOl

    Na wewe ulikuwa wapi? looks yu like yu were trailing the guy unangoja aanguke!

  • Tigoi

    Very sad pole to Baba for the loss has encountered.

  • Messi

    ‘1 pm this evening’ sounds funny. when did 1 pm become evening.

  • Amos

    Wait. Orengos son whats happening? Oburus son dead? now Fidel dead? a span of 3 days…something is seriously wrong. Yayo might be the culprit