Joseph Boinett

The new Inspector General designate of Kenya police, Joseph Kipchirchir Boinett has a CV which would make him a great candidate for the job. But there is a slight problem on his CV. One of the Universities he has listed on his CV is a known unaccredited diploma mill.

According to the information available online, Joseph Boinett graduated with a Bachelor of Arts International Studies and Diplomacy from the Washington International University. The said university is listed as unaccredited and a name variously used by fake universities to market their courses online to the gullible.

This is the CV of Mr Kipchirchir

NAME: Joseph Kipchirchir Boinett


AGE: 52



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1984 TO PRESENT: Police Service and NIS (Analysis and Production Division)


Masters in National Security Policy – Australian National University

Masters of Arts Diplomatic studies – University of Westminster, United Kingdom Bachelor of Arts International Studies and Diplomacy – Washington International University

International Studies – 21st century Diplomacy at the University of Malta

Mr Boinett might pass the vetting but the presence of dark shadows on his CV might just make him the favourite topic of joke in Kenya whenever he will face challenges in the Kenya Police as challenges can’t be avoided. His questionable credentials will be the joke of town like the fact that Ole Lenku was previously a cook.

Washington International University is also listed on a site which lists university scams and diploma mills.

  • letting eliphas

    Prominent graduates

    Joseph Kabila, President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo[23]
    Linda West, private health-care activist and political candidate in Manitoba, Canada[24]
    Andrew K. Bashaija, Judge of the Uganda High Court, Judiciary of the Republic of Uganda has a PhD in Business Administration from Washington International University, USA[25]
    Vishwanath D. Karad, Founder, MIT Pune[26]
    Enock Kinara, Post Master General of the Postal Corporation of Kenya
    holds a PhD in Business Administration, Financial Services,
    Microfinance, SME and Business Management 2002-2004 from Washington
    International University, USA [27]
    Francis Kalama Fondo, Managing Director of the Kenya Coconut Development Authority is a holder of a PhD in Business Administration 2005-2008 from Washington International University, USA [28]

  • This highlights the craze of chasing academic papers in this country at the expense of a wholesome and fulfilling career. Most educated people are nothing more than self-obssessed mere cramming robots. It’s no wonder kenya is full of miserable educated people because for 4 yrs, the only experience and exposure they got in university is lecture attendance, library incubation and a bloated ego. This is indeed the current situation of our dysfunctional education system. We need to curb the Bachelor of X, Y and Z songs sung on TV and assess the situation n the ground. In any case, what’s the essence of an education system that only dumps cramming robots into an incompatible job market? Some mama mbogas should be the actual lecturers because understand the economy better than most lecturers that cling to the illusory and irrelevant Adam Smith doctrine mentality.

    • Natty Dread

      Ndugu Dennis, umekasirika kiasi, but you are 150% right!

  • Natty Dread

    Kudos to Kahawatungu for calling this issue correctly long before others. Looks like Boinett’s papers will be scrutinized more than Joho’s because of that one suspicious entry.