Charles Imunde
Charles Imunde, CEO of Daybreak Events

You probably have seen the scary pics of the Range Rover lying on its side after running over or hitting more than 7 cars in South B’s Hazina Estate. Charles is the guy behind Day Break events. He has managed some colourful events including those of Paul Kagame’s re-election campaign in Rwanda. He is known to do all manner of stunts with his car but they didn’t know what made him hit so many cars.

Charles Imunde B

The car’s insurance expired on 23rd November so he will be paying all the damage through his own pocket. Charles was married to the current Corporate Affairs Manager at Kenya ReInsurance, Nancy Imunde. They are now divorced.

Charles has always used his gun to threaten residents. Just last evening, he was drunk and so decided to have a short call right at the door step of Naivas South B. Whoever complained was threatened with a gun. Some residents of the apartment he lives in South B have been forced to seek court orders for Charles never to park on their spot.

When a Police Constable visited the scene of the incident, Charles pulled a gun on PC Kibe who was forced to ask the residents to help him handcuff him into an ambulance which responded until a backup police vehicle arrived.

According to one resident of Hazina, Charles can cruise in the estate at more than 80Kmph even during the day not paying attention to what might happen to the children. He always drinks at Blue Flame Pub near Naivas Supermarket in South B. He can be found drinking as early as 10am.

  • pat


    • El Kironyo

      It’s sad that people can attack someone with out verifying the facts. This article is already biased against the driver for driving an expensive vehicle.
      If you eventually saved enough money and were able to bless your self with a range rover, the first day you hit another car, you can rest assured the writer of this article will post your picture and mock your painful divorce and the depression that leads you to drink so early in the day.

      • Ndisi

        i wouldn’t be driving around the estate terrorizing kids with my big machines nor causing 7 vehicle smashes in the estate.nor would be i be drinking as early as 10 am.I’d be classier definitely and not living in a south b flat either with my big bad machine

        • Patrick Githae

          Im a billionare and i do not misbehave .and i know and have friends who got millions and they are cool .the guy need a medical attention.

          • Aloo Sigu

            Billionaires do not even say so. When we die we leave all those billions to the dogs. The issue at hand is that a mishap took place and a guy is sick and needs help. All these others are unnecessary emotions which can only boil up to violence and animosity. The damages caused are obvious and the Law will definitely take its course. Let us learn to keep our heads while others are losing theirs, style up and mature. Or are those negative commenters envying him?. I suppose.

          • Jane Alala

            True, we are condemning Charles irresponsible behavior not the fact that he is rich.

          • sarahangel

            Since you are a billionare
            Lets make this short and brief
            I want to work with you.
            You need your graph to rise
            I need mine as well.
            We work on a win win situation.
            Thank you.

        • Jane Alala

          So true.

      • Jane Alala

        He did not hit another car….be badly damaged 7 cars and has gone into hiding….to make matters worse he has no insurance. Do not make excuses for irresponsible behavior. What if children were outside playing.

      • Bila Chuki

        He is known for speeding within estate limits. He should be glad that he didn’t kill someone’s child cause it would have been a mob justice instead of a police arrest. Furthermore he’s not the first to be divorced we’ve seen many and they behave in a sane manner not like this maniac.

  • Mung’etheri Mutongoria

    He is rich therefore authority should not appear to charge him as it has always been the tradition

    • Bila Chuki

      Rich!! If you are rich you are just a common mwananchi, if you are wealthy then that’s a different story all together.

  • This guy is just plain stupid! Even a baboon can’t act that way

  • JJ

    so sad because his brother Muriithi Imunde died from a highway crash on Mombasa Road which Charles must have been the driver….

  • Ken Lugwili


  • watesh

    All that money got into his big ass head. Grow up your not the first to have money

  • Ken Lugwili

    That’s work of alcohol let pray for him

    • Elly Kiptum

      Not Alcohol,He is just a big fool

    • Andy

      What’s with the prayers all the time!!! Pray for him or his victims??

  • Biggy


  • Elly Kiptum

    Interesting how he can drink as early as 10am. He will learn the hard way…!!!

  • Thafero

    Asiyeskia la mkuu huvunjika guu.

  • Prescott Prince

    You say he is rich, if that is the case then why can’t he buy or even built his own house? He is just a confused fellow who has been turned into a psychopath by some few coins he thinks he has. When you give money to some poor fellow who never thought of making anything in life, that is what happens. He thinks he is above the law, should be mature enough to reason better. May be or may be not this will teach him anything, if not then he might not live to enjoy the few coins within his reach.

    • Dun Can

      tru that

    • mary kinuthia

      Yes with such a car he should have his own house in the leafy suburbs where he can roll it about as much as he pleases without damaging other peoples property

    • Aloo Sigu

      I hope you are not a lawyer by profession, not with all those emotions. Pray for the guy to change and let Law catch up with him.

    • pretty kana

      u look like somebody who is struggling financially.can i ask him to give u a job

      • Shark Attack

        who are you….? his chick,side chick,side kick or groupie…?

  • Andy

    The bastard won’t get away with this. He wronged his peers and equals. They can match him when it comes to money, connections and all those other things that influence justice in our very unequal society.

    • paul

      Clearly there is vengeance at play here. If you think you are of equal status with him then go get a new car and move on with you life as this story takes its natural course.

  • kajei

    Pride….they say it comes before a fall

  • Phil Chola

    This man needs help, he has died from the inside, that divorce has terribly affected him, those signs point out to someone with deep underlying issues beneath the skin; he needs help

    • Bico

      Very true

    • Aloo Sigu

      A very sane analysis.

    • pretty kana

      u should stop judging people u dnt even know.

      • Shark Attack

        the more you talk, the less intelligent you appear…

      • Odeny Martha

        This girl is kinda thick….hhmm! How do we help her and her friend whom she is defending so hard??

    • carol

      Phil Chola you have a very valid point

    • Odeny Martha

      True. But he has not asked for help. He even has no idea that he has a problem…How do you help such???

  • mary kinuthia

    This guy obviously has money; he should buy his own house in the leafy suburbs where he can roll his car about as much as he pleases without damaging other peoples property

    • pretty kana

      mary just so u know he lives in his own house.

      • Odeny Martha

        Mary is talking about him living in Karen, Muthaiga, Gigiri, Runda etc. Pretty Kana you don’t get it…Mscheeeeeew!

        • Shark Attack

          what do you expect of a garden variety airhead?

      • Shark Attack

        but that doesn’t give him carte blanche to go destroying private property and endangering people’s kids….

      • Odeny Martha

        Then what was he looking for in south B, a mpango wa kando au nini???

  • Izo


  • cucu Flo.

    Yes, true. He urgently needs medical attention and guide and counselling therapies.

  • Holy Cow

    His insurance expired as at the time of accident, well, his insurance broker must be smiling ear to ear!

  • Penbry

    Psycho case.

  • Muzalendoobash

    He is caught up in life mess.He need Psychiatric attention at Mathare mental hospital.Such people should not be armed and left in the streets.

  • paul

    This was an accident just like any other. Someone has maliciously put a spin
    on the story to the extent of even dragging my friends ex-wife into
    the story. For the record there are so may falsehoods in the story. 1.
    The range rover sport was insured at
    the time of the accident and still is. 2. Its not true that Charles
    drives at speeds of 80km/hr within the estate. Investigators will give
    an accurate picture of what happened that night. 3. Stories of him using
    his gun carelessly are not true. 4. He owns the house he lives in there
    and therefore he isn’t a tenant to someone else there, and neither has
    any landlord has asked him to vacate his house as told even on TV. 5.
    Just because someone can afford to take a day off and spend it drinking
    with friends, even on a weekday, does not mean that he has a drinking
    problem. I have been with him on numerous occasions when he choses to
    abstain from alcohol

    • Jomo mzalendo

      You can protect his image all you want but that’s not going to help him change his character. Where there is smoke there is fire so I believe there is some truth to the story and before he goes drinking and driving at the estates wildly he should consider how many people’s lives can be lost due to his recklessness

    • deno


    • carol

      Tell us abouth the divorce too…

    • Odeny Martha

      You defend him so well. Why don’t you just help him pay for all the damages or those pictures are photo-shopped???? NKT

      • yezus

        was ur car part of those damaged!!!

  • pretty kana

    people why do u comment all this nonsence on things ur clueless about?for yall haters we love our brother no matter what u can go to hell.

    • Shark Attack

      and he loves you right back….

  • Joel Kibos

    You even judging him for divorcing?

  • rukia2

    from Hell Imunde is around. Now accusing his workers of mis management of funds… he squandered the money.. deposit paid for the gig which didn’t happen. we have no trust in this con man. we regrate giving him something he cannot deliver. guys be watchful, he earns his money falsely…

  • Mulonzia Kevin

    reading some of this comments….too funny
    some are sensible and some are just plain jealous smh