Moses Mwana wa Kanyira
Kameme FM Presenter Moses Mwana wa Kanyira

A Kameme FM presenter, Moses Mwana wa Kanyira, allegedly assaulted kids and called them names because their father is a Luo. Moses was allegedly angered by the kids after they insulted his daughter. The two kids allegedly fought with the daughter and so Moses as a good father decided to intervene.

The father to the girls is a Luo but is currently separated with the mother. In a serious case of negative ethnicity, Moses threw all manner of insults on the lady, going as far as telling her to know that she has no advantage because now Uhuru is a free man. The incident happened at the sprawling Zimmerman neighbourhood.

According to the lady called Vickie;

My children were out playing with his children. Am told that his daughter insulted my daughter and when she asked her way she was insulting her younger sis. His daughter rush to the house and said my children were ganging up on her. Instead of trying to find out what had happened. He just slapped my children

My daughter is 11 yrs, and my nieces are 11 and 8 yrs. My sis went to inquire about the issue but he told her to go Fuck Bensuoda ati Uhuru is a free man

I reported the matter to the police. 

The matter was reported to Kasarani Police station under OB number 121/05/12/2014. The investigating officer fears to call the suspect because he works at President Uhuru’s radio station. This is not the first allegation of tribalism against a Kameme FM employee. Muthee Kiengei Watoria was last year accused of insulting Luos in various Facebook posts captured below.

This Kameme FM (owned by President Uhuru) Presenter Hates Luos with a Passion and Doesn’t Hide it

We just hope that the police will take action and investigate this matter. But they rarely investigate the wrongs people associated with President Uhuru does.

  • atijals

    Uhuru will one day leave state house…. nothing last forever- your bad behavior whatever the excuse will eventually catch up with you ! As the good books states: as a man reapeth so shall he sow….God is a GRAPHIC EQUALIZER!

  • swatch

    stop acting like injured party,There is no borderline between your forums and that man sijui kanyera . Opinions, thought,suggest tribal bias and bigotry.Uhuru and Raila supporters are colonized by tribal mind set.i wish peter Peter Kenneth is my president.

    • Nyakwaragakhan

      Even that Peter Kenneth will just fall in the trap of ethnic colonization. I think we do not need a president from any of the polarised tribes.

  • Tout

    Why do people lack wisdom like this? Check back just a simple 50 years from now and you’ll be surprised that all your gods, all that you think is so important and mighty, all the advantages that you think you have will be no more. Vanity and lack of wisdom. I pray for you!

  • jeremy kamau

    If its true this is very shameful

  • Disgusting

  • Boni Wamaitha

    This is just an estate petty issue taken too far.Kids can act anyhowly.

    • George Victor Mcokado

      Wamaitha…ur name says it all!!!

  • Tina Achando

    ooooh dear where is our country going to? if people hate others like this? wamaitha l have a colleague who cant stand luos and luhyas in her office! her remarks are so bad that people fear entering her office.

    • kahawa


  • unbwogable kenyan

    Uhuru has boxed Kiuks to a psychological corner that they will soon be carrying out genocide in the name of defending or protectign his presidency same way hutus did in Rwanda…watch this space

  • kimani

    and he is learned, too bad. please kenyans its immature to be tribal and demonic to hate anyone

  • Nyakwaragakhan

    I just wish Kenyans would understand how juicier peace and harmony is! Uhuru presidency should never be misconstrued to mean that the Kikuyu community is now at an advantage over other tribes. Kenyans needs one another. What has always joined us together is a shared value, if we lose it we shall never be the same again. But it’s upon the president himself to become real in his call for national unity, sacking those who cant change and embrace peace and love.

  • Abara Nouah

    in simple terms, if you are luo, avoid the estates and plots they live in, otherwise one day he and many more like him will skin luos alive and no action will be taken by the police because they work in a radio station / company owned by the president

  • Baba Hope

    I just wish Kenyans would understand how juicier peace and harmony is! Most of my neighbours are luo, the luhya, the kisii..and the co-existence is so sweet..sobriety is a factor too…although each one of us has opinionated views in the political, social and economic arenas, it is just as sweet: no name calling, no insults, no…its just nice!

  • Bwana Mburu

    i wonder if working in a presidents station makes you to be tribal.Infact this is a disrespect to the president,take care