Yvonne Okwara and Andrew Matole wedding (PIC: @Boniface Mwangi)
Yvonne Okwara and Andrew Matole wedding (PIC: @Boniface Mwangi)

One of Kenya’s most respected and powerful TV presenters, Yvonne Okwara, married his heartthrob Andrew Matole Konde at a private wedding ceremony held at Nairobi’s Crowne Plaza hotel. The low key invite-only event was attended by a few media and veterinary friends of the couple as they feared some jilted girlfriends and wives storming the event.

47 year old Andrew Matole is a University of Nairobi’s Veterinary medicine graduate. He was registered as a Veterinary doctor on 12th July 1993. His registration number is 1221. Yvonne Okwara is 31 years old.

Andrew was married to one Alice Manyola Matole sometime back and they have three children, Linda, Faith and Emmanuel. Andre also sired another kid with oneMaryanne Muthoni Waruingi. Alice and Andrew have not formally divorced but they separated after Alice accused Andrew of being a womaniser. Documents in our possession show that Alice sent mails out vet colleagues of Andrew informing them of his philandering ways. Alice also accused Andrew of siring many kids out of their marriage.

One of the mails believed to have been sent by Alice Matole, reads;

Matole, We know of all your philandering ways and its just a matter of time before we are able to forward this information Alice Manyola.  We also know about the children you have sired out of wedlock and the way you go sleeping around with women with no regard to your matrimonial vows or infecting your wife with a bad disease!!!!! I know you will be suprised to know that one of your mistresses boyfriend passed away a short while ago of AIDS yet that does not stop you from putting your wife at risk.  Be very warned, we are trying to reach your wife with evidence of you, your children and mistresses!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!! YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO MEN, EVEN SLEEPING WITH HOUSEGIRLS!!

The differences between Alice, MaryAnne and Andrew forced Andrew to send mails to all his clients and Veterinary colleagues updating them how he was taking care of his family and even providing for the upkeep of kids he had with his estranged wife.

Andrew Matole
Andrew Matole

Yvonne Okwara Wedding Yvonne Okwara

Fearing that Alice or MaryAnne Waruingi would storm the venue, the couple kept changing the venue even going ahead to cancel the scheduled church ceremony. They ended up having the vows and the catering event at the Crowne Plaza hotel. The wedding was scheduled to happen at NPC Valley Road but the church was reluctant to officiate the marriage considering the controversy in their relationship.

The problem with Kenyan screen sirens is that they lack deep understanding of marriage and relationship and are mostly out for quick wealth and a leap in life. Life is a marathon but they always want it to look like a sprint. They want a Range Rover on day one. That is what made Lindah Oguttu, Lilian Muli, Esther Arunga and now Yvonne Okwara go through what they went through.

  • Tout

    Whats wrong with sleeping with housegirls? #MyHousegirlMyChoice

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      Hah hah…

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      Jameni boss

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    • good one…kwani mboch si mwanamke?

    • fred Mugo

      Buuuuda…..una story…..

  • Aggrey Mboya

    Sad. HIV since day one with a news anchor!

  • perpetua

    Stooping low. pure and simple!

  • elephant

    Vyonne, what did you not have girl to make you fall for such dude (if what is being said is about him is anything to go by)? Listen girl, get off your wedding shoes verify the facts and if u catch even a glimpse of what is being said as true,RUN and run fast!

    • Ozick

      Yvonne is aware Andrew has abandoned a wife of over 12 years with 3 children. That’s why she has been keeping the name of her fiancée secret. She knew this would come out.

  • Felix Owila

    Talk is cheap. We should allow the newly wedded couple to live their lives peacefully!! Why the yap? Blessed marriage Yvonne and Andrew. Ooh btw Andrew make sure you take good care of that empress, she is my favourite female news anchor in Kenya. cheers!

    • Ozick

      Andrew abandoned his wife and three children… For what…. Your favorite empress… Pathetic. A family has been shattered and a concubines dumped with a child for what….. Your favorite emoter… Ways of a philanderer do not change.I hope she pays the price.. This do called empress..

      • salome ngsnasa

        You have apoint, what goes around comes around, paying passionately is obvious for yvonne

  • John Ngereza

    Robert Alai get some balls on and discuss topics that matter …… like who has stolen what billions in some scandal things relevant to the society…….leave stories of who is sleeping with who to idle gossips

  • kiuru

    if you stay with a lady in your house for 6 months, she is your wife. If you separate for more than 7 years, you are divorced, regardless of whether it was filed in court or not……..its just the new way of life

  • Ozick

    This Yvonne destroyed Alice,s marriage. Alice was married to Andrew over 12 years and has been in the trenches with him. They have 3 kids and he dumped her for what he called a ‘ celebrity’.
    I am married in that family and what Andrew has put Aluce through is very saddening.
    As for Yvonne I hope she pays the price. Desperate woman

    • Political Activist

      Karma . What goes around comes around. I don’t understand women who think that they can change a hyena!

  • DanToro

    Probably Matole is providing some good sex, there is no other rational explanation of why she is with him….

    • sufkim

      Women are smart, knowing the biological clock is ticking for them, they will choose a sex-crazed bull that can be their child support and then later discard the bull.

  • Esther M

    I think the best thing to do is to leave the newly weds to live their lives.

  • Abara Nouah

    who fu***** cares? You?? Alice kama Amechapa then whose business is that? Hope for the newly weds the best.

  • Baba Hope

    They want a Range Rover on day one. That is what made Lindah Oguttu, Lilian Muli, Esther Arunga and now Yvonne Okwara go through what they went through…long live Kajogoo!

  • Eugene Sande

    what is wrong with Kenyan female celebrities, they earn good money but live a miserable life, from Yvonne to Gloria etc…i sympathize with this lot.

  • Geoffrey Cheruiyot

    If this so called celebrities were beautiful n smart..they would av already got married to their boy frenz not destroying other pples mariages

  • Makori.jr

    47 AND 31 …Sex cant be the factor here,neither is money,news anchors have a variety to choose from but end with frogs.

    • sufkim

      Biological clock is the factor.

  • djken wanji

    well i think this Kenyan ‘celebs’ do it 4 us to get something to write and read about.Yeah thats it.

  • Richard Arasa

    Dr Andrew was my best man in the year 1993,i don’t think i have known him as a womanizer

  • Ken Kamau

    I know Yvonne from our years in university,we were classmates. She is humble and very focused.This explains why her star is shining. I can only wish her success and happiness in her marriage. Let us not get into the culture of maligning people’s reputations without solid facts