The husband of popular musician, Suzanna Owiyo, was shot and left for dead in his Kisumu home. Eric Ounga who was driving into his Kisumu home was shot by more than 3 thugs who left without stealing anything.

According to sources close to the family, Eric was driving into his home when the thugs accosted him and shot at him without any warnings. He was rushed to Agha Khan hospital where he is being treated. Nothing was stolen from him during the ordeal. Eric is stable and out of any danger. Non of his vital organs were affected as he was only shot on the arms.

Eric Ounga owns the Ounga Commercial Agencies which deals in real estate. He is married to three wives with Suzanna Owiyo being the last wife. Eric Ounga is also the person who discovered Suzanna while she was still a backup singer for Sally Oyugi.

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  • Irene Okumu

    Hey this facebook will one day kill me tikli! So Ounga is Suzanna’s husband?