JJ Kamotho

Former powerful KANU politician and life member, Joseph Kamotho has died in a South African hospital. The former powerful Cabinet Minister has suffered a kidney problem for sometime. He was being treated of the disease which has recently forced him to walk around with urine bag.

During his death, his son and daughter were beside him.

Kamotho who usually referred to Moi as baba served the then Moi government as minister for the Education, minister for Trade, minister for Environment and Natural Resources. He was also a member of parliament for the Mathioya Constituency and Kangema Constituency.

JJ Kamotho carried by aides after the 1998 Nairobi US embassy bombing

Kamotho is also remembered as the Cabinet Minister who was injured US embassy during the 1998 bombing. He emerged from the building shaken and blood stained. He was hosting the ambassador in his 16th floor Cooperative House office. He was then serving as the Trade Minister.

Kamotho temporarily exited the political scene in 2002 but tried to make a come back in 2013 through the senate. He lost the Murang’a senatorial contest to Kembi Gitura.