Safaricom 4G

Safaricom is claiming that it has launched a 4G network. I don’t believe that. Safaricom always uses the gullible journalists with no technical knowledge to launch products which they know don’t exist. Safaricom still has the worst quality of network.

When Safaricom launched its 42Mbps network sometime back, we thought that the 3G speed will improve. It has never improved. In fact Orange Kenya has the best 3G speeds. Safaricom cannot even use the “we have so many clients” argument because they make profit but they never reinvest the money to have the subscribers have better experience.

Claiming to launch 4G when even the average user cannot hit 10Mbps on its 3G network is simply conning subscribers with adverts. Safaricom needs to deliver 3G. Even most estates in Nairobi still don’t have 3G or the quality is so poor and Safaricom claim that they have 4G? Ooh please!!

Again let me understand, Safaricom’s 4G rides on HSPA+ 21/42, WiMAX, or LTE? Check the speeds bloggers hired to go praise Safaricom were testing. Nothing to boast about. Worse than even basic 3G.

Another test from another such blogger.

Just confirmed from moles present during the launch that Safaricom launched 4G LTE. It is suppose to have a peak speed of 100Mbps. How will they achieve that when even during the test they couldn’t clock 30Mbps? Safaricom is just fooling us. Prepare a lawsuit please because it is all what you have.

  • watesh

    15mbps is still better than my current average of 2mbps

  • Mwongella Makau

    Do we even have 3G….?

  • Kevin Ogutu

    What is 4G in Kiswahili?

  • Tout

    I have never understood safaricom’s strategy. 3G is still crappy with poor speeds and an overall poor user experience which is made worse by a pricing model that is too expensive unless one uses data for basic internet usage like FB, twitter and light browsing. Can those testing the 4G speeds chill and report after 6 months when we have more users using the service, we have been there before and we have always been disappointing.

  • David muoki

    please safaricom work out 3G network countrywide not in towns only…….why rush for 4G when your 3G is a failure…..