Deborah Mbula Maingi has featured on many publications. She has crafted the art of buying journalists to tell her unbelievable story on almost every possible publication. So she recently found time to talk to Kinuthia Mburu of Nation and tell her story of grass to grace.

She presented the image of self made millionaire. In the real sense, her target was not to tell the story but to market her tours and travel company called Liberty. What she didn’t know is that people have records and in this age of digital storage, you can’t fool all.

Deborah Mbula Maingi
Deborah Mbula

Six years ago (October 23, 2008), she was featured on Daily Nation accused of stealing Ksh 35 million from Total Kenya where she worked as a Cashier. She started working with Total Kenya in 1996 and was sacked in 2008 before launching Debbz Travel and later Liberty Group. On Thursday 20th November 2014, Daily Nation featured the same Deborah Mbula as a self-made millionaire without researching on her previous criminal records available in Nation Media’s own library.

This is how the media tries to fool us.

Kisumu RE
Wycliffe Abok of Kisumu Real Estate

This case is just like the case of the founder of Kisumu Real Estate, Wycliffe Abok, who was featured on K24’s Young Rich. He was later unmasked by many of his victims as a conman on the Facebook Group Buyer Beware. K24 never acted to correct the wrong impression they created despite the public outcry.

  • Wale Jama Tulishinda

    What i find interesting is that Kenyans will have no problem with you provided you have money, how you got it is irrelevant. Some of the “role models” we admire in business are people who made their millions and billions siphoning money out of other businesses leading to their collapse, some have made money from inflated govt. tenders with nothing delivered. The gullibility of kenyans is legendary!

  • JoMu

    The real “rugs to riches” people rarely share their stories in public especially the media. They are know to people close to them. They are uncomfortable advertising themselves are “rugs to riches” cases in our dailies.

  • “The end justifies the means” seems to be the motto these days. Lying is convenient as long as money is involved. Integrity in this country is simply a concept entertained by the tongue. But in actual sense, it’s in the gutter…

  • ndiaondiao

    I don’t believe a thing in the Kenyan newspapers nada. Believe them at your own risk and yes many and fools are taken in everyday and will continue to be fooled. Woe unto you.

  • Kwach Weldon

    i dont read kenya news as a result, role models in this nation are bandits, international mass rapists and murderers, drug dealers, women strippers, and alcoholics…maybe its an African thing to praise the absurd in the hope that this makes it normal

  • Kwach Weldon

    I will just stick to CNN, and BBC

  • bigmachini

    This is why i don’t bother with the news at all

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