Njoki Chege

Newspaper columnist and Blogger Njoki Chege is a hard-hitting no nonsense columnist who has drawn the ire of both men and women in almost equal measure. She writes about varied topics and when she is done penning them down, her write-ups always draw the wrath of her subjects.

But Njoki Chege seems not to be good in honouring her financial obligations. She borrowed Ksh 700,000 from the STandard Group’s staff Sacco. She used Ksh 500,000 from the loan to buy that pathetic piece of machine called a Toyota IST. Paying Ksh 268,000 which is part of the loan remaining unpaid, has been a problem to her.

It is either Nation Media which she writes for now, doesn’t pay her well or she is just not disciplined in financial matters. Some of the people who guaranteed her loan are Charles CEO Otieno, Tracy Bett, Stephen Ndegwa and Harold Ayodo. The Sacco has promised to attach the salaries of her guarantor because Njoki Chege has refused to honour the financial obligations.

Efforts by the guarantors to convince her to pay the loan has been fruitless.

Njoki Chege should stop calling men poor unless she wants them to clear for her the loan.

  • Jaluth mambobad


    • George Owino

      anto adok kaluo. Narobi ohingo remba

  • J L O

    Ai, what a shame. Calling men names and looking down upon men living in Kinoo and South B yet she cant even pay back small money like that is plain cheap. Kumbe Nairobi onge chuor ng’ato.

  • Ithe Wa Wambui

    Karma’s a bitch…just like this Njoki …..!!

  • Harrison Mareka

    THIS IS A FABRICATION!!!! Stop driving traffic towards a your hapless blog using false information!!

    • Smart Victor

      Call it hapless, but this is what he enjoys you just helped him earn handsomely by visiting this blog. You comments on other stories are also welcomed!!!

    • Wale Jama Tulishinda

      Have you taken your medication?

    • the NINE himself!

      What are you smoking, son? Take your metamucil and go to bed.

  • John Doe the 3rd

    No one can bail out such a thankless gold digger

  • CorporateHack

    I thought she drives 2014 Land rover – Kama sisi wengine

  • Hahahaha…in search of hits!!!!

  • Ben Mugwe

    To say that Njoki Chege is a “hard-hitting no nonsense columnist” is to pay her a compliment that she does not deserve.

  • First off, how does a reputable news source like Daily Nation accommodate such immaturity? In any case, being competent doesn’t imply maturity. But then again, if Njoki Chege’s immaturity has a large following to the point of being called a “hard-hitting no nonsense columnist”, all I can say is…

  • Andre Jeffrey

    I thought she was filthy rich and rides a chopper or somethin, hee he, not even a Blue Subaru worth about 800k? Loud mouth …… I almost believed she could buy a motorbike in cash