Nairobi School

The parents of some students at Nairobi School are complaining that the boy whose name is withheld (currently in form one) is bullying their sons and breaking their bones. The mothers who have written several complaint letters to us, details the extent to which the son of the Budalangi MP together with 7 other prefects are assaulting the students and injuring them.

In October, two kids were taken by their parents from the school after beating meted on them by Ababu’s son and others. The prefect and bullies lock the poor kids in a private room and beat them in turn not paying attention to where they hit. A distraught single mother claim that this is the second time her son has been badly hurt by the bullies with the current Chief Principal, Onesmus Mulinge, claiming that he has no powers to stop the practise as he found it ongoing.

Other bullies who are said to team up with Ababu’s son are: John Waweru ,Brian Kisilu, Bashir, John Kwanusu, Humphrey Omwengu and Augustine Imbusi.

Parents of boys who have suffered in the hands of these prefects are now demanding that action be taken on them. Parents of the victims have also claimed that the Deputy Principal has called them ‘alarmists’ for speaking against the bullying.

  • Masila Masila

    The mother of the allegedly ‘beaten up’ boy should join a GIRL’S SCHOOL. Otherwise as old boys from PATCH, we Don’t care

    • Mato Kariuki

      Well..I expected better from a learned man… assuming of coirse you were in patch and you learned…this os not the era of chauvinism accept that…I dont understand why I should be touched by a fellow student who pays fees like me….

      • Dave Ray

        Explains why you can’t spell

    • Nina Maria Straulino

      What a shame that you should speak like this….that’s if you really studied at the Nairobi School. I often visited Patch in the 70’s when I was in High School, for debates and school dances, and I remember what a pleasant experience it always was. The boys were perfect gentlemen, and such a pleasure to interact with. They certainly didn’t speak like you! Bullying is a very serious social problem that should be the concern of all right thinking adults!

  • Gabriel Samuel Mutende

    He watches Tahidi High episode and he is may be trying to put it into action.Is this the school where the series are short from?

  • Kevin basil

    inaitwa shaping them for life…. let them stop being cry babies

  • were daddy duncan

    “A stupid child is ruin to a father, and a wife’s quarreling is a continual dripping of rain.”
    -The Bible: Hebrew, Proverbs 19:13

  • Dennohkybe Naibei

    thats the meaning of PATCH mum

  • Mahoud Al Fakir

    Why is this news? Patch is meant to produce men who are fully capable of handling themselves. If the boy keeps running to his mum with any tiny problem he encounters, I suggest he go find another school that entertains pussies like him

  • Paul Habil Musumba

    Am totally appalled by the comments am reading here. This culture of bullying is redundant. No one has the authority to lay a hand on any other person. As an alumni of Nairobi School I would like those culprits who think they are above the law, be apprehended and prosecuted. We must condone bullying at any cost. A school is an academic institution # PERIOD # Somewhere ideas are generated and incubated. Its not a place to ssupposedly shape Boys to Men. Anyone who has or thinks has the balls to shape someone boy to a Man should probably find his own boys, whom he will shape into a man……. WHAT A SILLY PHILOSOPHY

    • Masila Masila

      SMFH…Old Cambrian indeed!

  • AnnoyedKenyan

    Isn’ this nonsense? Withholding the name of the boy and dishing out the rest..that said, bullying anywhere is unacceptable!

  • Paul Habil Musumba

    Annoyed Kenyan its standard procedure to hide the identity of the victim. Exposing the name of the victim is double jeopardy to the victim. Naming the victimizer is always the first relief the victim has…. So its somewhat a remedy…

  • Risasi

    Peace Attained Through Continuous Harassment! PATCH!! Now you know!

  • mkaeri

    simple, just find the bullies off school and CAP them… leave the rest to Ole Lenku’s boys and their shoddy investigations… if i thought my boy needed man grooming i would send him to NYS… not PATCH for a high school cert… you touch mine i cut yours…

  • Jasan

    Palipo na moshi, hapakosi Moto! I hope the principal, his two able Deputies, B Master, House

  • Christopher Omondi

    Ahhh patch kipenzi. it was the best of times.. it was the worst of times. only they who did not attend nairobi school would see a cause for alarm. some things you just cant shake off. try and find out what the acronym patch means before you send your kids there.

  • wn2007

    Bullies should be taken to court – period!

  • Nina Maria Straulino

    Bullying is anti-social behaviour and a crime. It is not acceptable under any circumstances whatsoever. If a problem arises within the school community that prefects cannot handle in an acceptable manner, the issue should be referred to higher school authorities, but student upon student violence should never be condoned!

  • mhalifu

    I joined Kakamega High school in 1986. There was no bullying then. I can not believe bullying still exists!