Leaflets are being circulated around Kangundo road warning Luos, Luhyas and Kisiis to leave the area before they are violently evicted. The warnings started to circulate on Tuesday this week, right before the early Wednesday morning destruction of structures along the road.

The land bordering the road around Obama, Komarocks, Saika and Njiru estates have been under dispute. The dispute has led to the assassination of around 4 land dealers who were behind the allocations. It is believed that the people behind the evictions are also behind the assassination of the people they believe illegally allocated their chunks of land to individuals.

One of the leaflets


The police need to move in and contain the situation before something bad happens.

  • Yatich_Zeph®

    Kumbe we are still living in our dark past. Poor Kenyans

  • Wale Jama Tulishinda

    It’s such nonsense and the fact that we tolerate it that makes one miss a hand like Moi’s.

  • Ken Nzomo

    The idiots perpetrating such nonsense should be arrested and locked in the deepest dungeon available.

  • HolomisaBantu

    A guy who cannot spell ‘Luos” or ‘Luhyas’ but can spell ‘consequences’..SMH..

    • Natty Dread

      Hehehehehe! Well spotted. This looks like a leaflet faked to ignite animosity between ethnic groups. The misspelling approximates the shrubbing pronunciation of of a certain community, but that one big word spoilt it.